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My New Coach Polar Paul and Where We’re At

My New Coach Polar Paul and Where We’re At


So, um yeah, is anyone else back to the grind tomorrow? I don’t know what the heck happened to summer.

My runs the beginning of the week were kind of just what I could fit it whenever without any plans. Sometimes on vacations it should really be like that. I’ve been trying to loosely follow a training plan that Coach Kastor wrote up for those of us that were on the blogging team for the ASICS La Marathon a couple years ago. I didn’t get any speedwork in this week, but I did get some good mileage in over the weekend.

I got a long run in on Friday. It was 18 miles and the longest run I’ve done since the OC Marathon back in the beginning of May. It was weird getting my head back into the long run game. I forget just how long long runs are. Ha. I’m excited to get back to them, but I forget that those last few miles really drag.

2015-08-07 11.35.22

Not sure what’s going on here in this picture, but I got smart and brought iced Vega recovery accelerator and had it waiting for me at the end of my run.

The other workout for the day Friday was bowling. It was quite possibly my worst game ever. I think both boys beat me. They had the bumpers though, but I bet they would’ve still beat me if they didn’t. Ha.

2015-08-07 15.36.36

Just you know, giving them a little lesson on how winning doesn’t always matter. Ha.

2015-08-07 15.36.54


Saturday I went for a run outside because I was super excited to try out my Polar V800.

2015-08-07 17.18.28

Since this handy dandy GPS has pretty much anything and everything and you can sync all your workouts and find out how well you’re recovering and such, it’s my new coach. His name is Paul and we’re already great friends.


I’m technologically challenged so after spending a really long time trying to get it set up and such I took it for a run. I didn’t set any kind of training views so I couldn’t see how far I’d run. (I’ve since fixed that.) I figured I’d ran about 8.5-9 miles. When Paul and I got back home and I stopped the run it was at 8.99.

2015-08-08 09.54.46

Beavis. If I’d only gone another .01. My route was particularly hot and hilly, but it was nice to get it done. I followed it with a little at home circuit that took about 25 minutes.

2015-08-08 10.00.55

That’s the thing about circuit training though. It doesn’t take long to just get it done and get some resistance training in there. Here’s the BOSU workout I did. I always like to see what other trainers are doing so I thought I’d share. I love doing as many moves as possible on the BOSU because it makes them harder and gets that extra core training in. I did each move for a minute and 20 seconds (just because that’s what my Gymboss was set at).

2015-08-09 18.30.21

Today Paul had me up and on the treadmill to make it an even 50 miles for the week. It’s a good thing I have a stride sensor now that calls me out on all the stepping off the treadmill that’s become a habit. I know I step off a lot and usually take that into account when I’m calculating mileage, etc. but  I’ve been more off than I though. Oopsies.

2015-08-09 08.21.26

The treadmill read that I ran 5.8 and my Polar V800 said 5.01. I’d say that’s a pretty big difference. I’ve been cheating myself for so long. Ha ha. It’s time to get back in the game.

I taught a Full Body Fit class at the gym afterwards. Then took these guys swimming and for a little yogurt date.2015-08-09 11.54.01

We’ve had quite the weekend. Yesterday was full of parties and at one of them Batman showed up.

2015-08-08 15.24.07 HDR

Batman is actually my brother-in-law and the boys’ uncle. Pretty cool huh? He’s kind of a big deal and it’s always funny when Joaquin tells people that he knows Batman and they just laugh and shake their head at him. He really does people. Ha.

So, if you see Batman cruising around in the San Diego area, he’s our relative. We’re pretty lucky.


On a serious note just to end the weekend and be ready to face the beginning of the rat race tomorrow, I have to say it’s really been nice kind of dropping off the blogging circuit for a few days. I’m so much more productive.

Today I tackled all the things I usually avoid like the plague: the floors got cleaned, the laundry got done, the cats got baths and food got prepped for the week. That’s rare, but hopefully the start of something good.


Summer is coming to an abrupt end, but I feel like a lot has changed. I’ve learned to just slow down and be with the family and not to feel guilty about taking a little time to just relax. I never relaxed before and was uptight ALL THE TIME. I still am to a point, but finally I’m taking some time a couple times a week to just sit and indulge.

2015-08-06 12.38.04

A quick 50 minutes watching Real Housewives of New York after a workout with my feet up in the afternoon can do wonders. When I get the chance to do this (or rather when I make the time to do this like 1 or 2 times a week), it’s just glorious. I pretty much eat the same thing every time too- Quest protein ice cream made with Silk cashewmilk in a brown rice cinnamon crisp tortilla bowl with some NuttZo on the bottom, maybe a Quest Bar in there too and then topped with some kind of Love Grown Foods cereal (Mighty Flakes or Power O’s). It’s just heavenly. I didn’t get the chance this weekend, but this picture just makes me happy. Taking time for yourself every now and then is just so important.


2015-08-07 18.34.18

Sometimes when I don’t have time to sit down I just take a spoon and dig into the NuttZo jar really quick. It seems to get the job done. It might also be the reason we go through the stuff like crazy. Ha. Coach Elizabeth approves.

Oh and this egg whtie salad from Trader Joe’s is pretty good. I like the other spicy one better, but just like the frozen riced cauliflower it hasn’t been in stock forever.

2015-08-08 10.39.20

I topped it yesterday with guacamole and nutritional yeast and Cholula and had it with rice cakes.


A new adventure begins tomorrow. It’s pretty much back to school time. I ordered some new Erin Condren planners (a teacher’s one and a regular one) and they came in the mail on Friday. I took it as a sign to start it off right then. I’ve always been one to put things off until a Monday or the beginning of a new month or something, but that’s never really helped out. So, I started one on a random Friday for a change and I have a good feeling about it.

2015-08-06 20.52.532015-08-07 21.06.092015-08-07 21.06.32

I’m signing off with a deep breath and just enough time to attempt to do something about my nails before bed.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend friends and hope you have a wonderful start to your week. Now is as good a time as any to let a new adventure begin and really focus on every single day of YOUR story.

2015-08-06 08.36.57

This song is currently on repeat in my car.

2015-08-06 10.33.19 HDR

If you haven’t heard it, you need to listen to it as soon as possible. Here you go.

Best song ever!


And as a reminder to myself and you, Time is Love. Always.

2015-08-08 18.37.58


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  1. 1
    Audie says:

    Here is a link with a copycat recipe of the spicy ranchero egg white salad recipe that is dead on!


  2. 2
    Melissa C says:

    I must say how much I thoroughly enjoy your blog! I am a mom of 3 boys, homeschool, and we r Christians. I must ask if u have had breakouts from sweating and exercise? I run early a.m but battle clogged pores etc even though I shower right after. I’m being seen by a dermatologist, so hopefully this topical meds will help. Now to my next question. From running outside do u have any skin pigmentation problems? Any sunscreen u could recommend? U alwAys look great! Thanks so my h!

  3. 3
    elizabeth says:

    I have to try those Mighty Flakes, which flavor is good? Do they taste like the mighty o’s? I found the o’s a little too crunchy.
    Glad you are taking time to relax, hope you can make it happen more often. I am busy during the day, but like to relax after dinner, usually reading, but I don’t have kids so finding the time then isn’t so hard.

  4. 4

    Here’s to a great school you for you and your kids!


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