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The Lizard and the Turtle

The Lizard and the Turtle


First, the lizard.

2015-09-09 16.36.20

This guy catches lizards so often around here I can’t even keep track. He’s got skill. This was the smallest one I’ve ever seen though. Pretty impressive, huh?

Then, the turtle.

That’s me.

I started working on this inspirational project with Silk for the year back in May. I wanted my project to be about taking care of myself while finding balance. I’m pretty sure everyone wants that and says that they’re going to take steps to do it, but really, unless we make the changes we say we want to make, all it is is wishful thinking and talk.

I had that “ah ha” moment yesterday. For so long I’ve been about staying up late and planning how I want to change or writing about how I’m going to try to balance things more and then when it came down to it I was too tired to really put it in action. The words were out there, but the steps and work towards the goal weren’t.


By default life has taken a major turn. I had no idea how different day to day life would be once the boys were in kindergarten and I was back to working full time without that daily help from Mom. Holy cow being a full time working mom is tough.

I’m the busiest I’ve ever been. I wake up at 4:11 am and our days are nonstop. I’m exhausted every single night when my head hits that pillow, but I’m also the happiest I’ve been in a LONG time.

I’m learning to stop making rules and stop being so hard on myself. I’m not really keeping track of how many miles I run a week or what workouts I’m doing, but I’m fitting in what I can when I can. Sometimes it’s only 10 minutes of HIIT or resistance training at home really quick and I have to make the best use of the time. Moves like this have become frequent happenings around here because they can do it all in a short amount of time.


(Click on picture to see video.)

I’m a very slow work in progress though. I mean just last week I make some poor choices on Friday as far as not getting enough sleep, stressing out over work that needed to be done and making some not so good eating choices and my run Saturday that was supposed to be a glorious 22 miler turned into a 16 mile suffer fest that I went into being overly tired and ended with shooting stomach pains.

2015-09-05 09.57.52

Lesson learned to make smart choices and get rest the day before attempting long runs. At least the scenery for my suffer fest was beautiful.

2015-09-05 09.58.17

Way to look at the positive, yes?

Actually it really was a great reminder of how things are different these days and how I need to keep taking these small steps that I’ve been taking to get to where I want to be.

I don’t want to be the fastest or the skinniest or the person who runs the most races. I want to be the mom who takes care of herself, runs when she can run, does what she can to build and maintain strength and be healthy while putting her family and her family’s needs first.

We’re getting there. Slowly.

While I’m not here on the blog, I’m with these guys.

2015-09-07 10.48.41 HDR

Heck yes we spent Labor Day at the car wash practicing letter flashcards. Didn’t everyone do that? I mean I’m sure going to the beach was just a back up plan for most people. Kidding.

We’re also being practical and getting writing practice in with a shopping list.

2015-09-05 12.49.32

The big project the other night was lacing new Lock Laces (I found them on Amazon) in the boys’ shoes because I’m that mom who sent her kids to school for the first week in lace up shoes when they can’t tie them. Yep. Always out to impress.

Seriously though, these are brilliant.

2015-09-08 20.50.43 HDR


I also just feel like telling you that I’m back on the roasted broccoli slaw train.

2015-09-08 19.43.41

I fell off that train for way too long and I forgot how easy and versatile broccoli slaw is. It will once again now be my go to dinner option when I’m in a pinch. I just had it two nights in a row in fact. Tonight it was topped with my Silk nondairy cheesy sauce (nutritional yeast mixed with Silk cashewmilk and seasonings). I also love mixing it with whatever I can for the boys. They need their veggies too.


So friends, that’s it. I miss being here and I miss you, but I know my time needs to be spent taking care of the present, the family and myself. For way too long I was all talk and no action and finally I’m learning.

I’m also learning that sweat is the best accessory since it’s been in the triple digits here this week. Not really the ideal fall weather, but great for tank tops. Ha.

2015-09-09 12.27.59 HDR

(Yes, I don’t know how to flip the picture and I’m not taking extra time to figure it out. I’d rather get some extra shut eye. Ha.)


We’re all a work in progress. The best thing we can do for ourselves is make the time to do what’s important to us. Just like I read this morning, we really already do that, but sometimes we need to adjust our thinking and our actions.

2015-09-10 04.58.45


Currently I’m taking in all the little moments, taking pressure off myself, saying “no” a lot (even though it’s really hard to do), simplifying life as much as possible and making more time for frequent consumption of protein ice cream. (Recipe on that link, but main ingredients are Silk almondmilk and Quest Nutrition protein powder.)

2015-09-10 16.25.152015-08-30 10.09.31

Life is so much better without rules and restrictions. Just take care of yourself the best you can.

Treat yourself. Sleep well. Eat well. Love well.

Make time for what’s important. Have patience.

Most importantly, know that slow is the way to go.


Enjoy all the little moments that come your way. They’re there, but sometimes you need to look up and step out to see them.

2015-09-09 18.28.11 HDR


I’m supposed to be racing the Ventura Marathon this Sunday and as much as I want to just go up there and run to prove that I can I think I’ll just stay here at home at my turtle pace in life projects and hang out for the Long Beach Marathon in October. I’ve still got a little time to get ready for that one.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. 1

    You’re a rockstar for all you do and accomplish dear, keep on truckin’!

  2. 2
    Denise says:

    LOVE this post!! It’s taken me a LONG time, but I have finally come to a similar conclusion….. I realized that I can’t get everything done & still be happy. Some days my run gets cut short to spend time with my boys, some days the laundry doesn’t get done

  3. 3
    Kathy says:

    My MOM should be an author….and I would be a millionaire for the many times I heard that very quote come out of her mouth (while I was growing up, while in college, and of course, even while raising kids) ~ Hers kinda of went like this : “We will make the time for the things we really want to do” and “We will find the money if its something we really want”. Funny how true that is.

    Thanks to that roasted slaw post many moons ago, I now ONLY make veggies by roasting and I eat so many more veggies because its so easy. 😉

  4. 4
    Beth says:

    Hi, just wondering what kind of work you do? Family always come first!! Applause.

  5. 5
    Jen says:

    What devotional or book is that passage from? Kudos to you for rocking out this transition.

  6. 6
    Jill says:

    Oh man, I haven’t had time to read your blog (or anything!) in forever! I used to read every day! Thank you for this! I have struggled with so many of the same things. I needed to read this today.


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