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Weekend Highlights

Weekend Highlights


Heck yes I’m back so soon.

Just to share a few things from the weekend.

Friday night was fabulous as we headed out to our local fire truck night. It was the best way ever to spend 9/11 and show respect to our local firefighters. Judah and I even got to ride the jump seats by default because they ran out of room for the truck rides they were giving. We didn’t complain. Either did Joaquin and Daddy up there in the front.

2015-09-11 19.18.12

I have a new toy from Perfect Fitness called the Ab Carver Pro.

2015-09-11 16.01.122015-09-11 16.09.04

There’s even a little downloadable workout here. I played with it a bit the other day, but am going to be all over that things thing week.

Oh and I have new workout buddies that really want to help out.

2015-09-11 16.03.03


I’m down to my last few long training runs before the Long Beach Marathon in October. I went on a 22 miler Saturday which was my longest run since the OC Marathon in May. It was slow and as always a mental battle, but it was glorious when it was done.

2015-09-12 06.11.342015-09-12 06.32.442015-09-12 09.36.34

I thought it was a god idea to sit down and suck up Vega Sport recovery accelerator, but when I got home and Judah asked why there was sand all over my seat in the car realized that was really dumb.

2015-09-12 09.36.55


The boys and I had big plans this morning to go to our favorite spot for our 5 mile biking/running loop. They had some new fun outfits from Kohl’s that we had to show off.

2015-09-13 07.57.40

Well, it didn’t really turn out as great as we had hoped. It started out fine.

2015-09-13 08.01.38

But then Judah was complaining about his bike about 5 minutes in and saying his legs hurt and he couldn’t move the pedals. I figured he was just in a mood and gave him a hand here and there.

2015-09-13 08.10.58

I really should have noticed that even on the downhill he couldn’t speed up very much. We’re not the smartest tools in the shed (you know this already) and after about 2 miles once we were on the other side of the lake we realized that the issue was a flat tire. We knew something was wrong with the bike, but I didn’t think to push on the tires and check them. They looked okay, but I guess it’s because Judah doesn’t weigh very much.

Needless to say, it was about 80 degrees and I got to hunch over and push him on the bike for the last 3 miles. I had already been pushing him, but now I really took it seriously. The whole pushing a small bike complete with a passenger while trying to run is not fun. I’m sure my back will feel lovely tomorrow. At least someone was all smiles for the last half.

2015-09-13 08.52.32 HDR

That someone was not me.

But, I WAS all smiles once we got to Trader Joe’s and saw this magnificence.

2015-09-13 09.43.01


Oh yes. It’s almost the season for loads of roasted kabocha squash and I can’t wait!


Oh, I forgot to mention that the new clothes we got were from a gift card for Kohl’s.  I had no idea Kohl’s carried so much stuff. I could spend hours in there. I had the boys with me so my exploring time was limited, but we got some pretty awesome school/work outfits. The boys already had to wear some of them for the bike ride today, but we got others too.

2015-09-13 16.54.58

I even got myself a little matching something something.

2015-09-13 16.54.30

The weather can cool down anytime now so I can put it to good use.


Have a great week! I can’t believe it’s Monday tomorrow already! Yikes!


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  1. 1
    Kathy says:

    Love the bright outfit….anytime I can see runners, bikers, or walkers from far away I LOVE IT!! (It’s because early one morning a guy with a hooded black sweatshirt and wearing dark pants crossed in front of me ~ yes, on a cross walk even and I almost hit him because I couldn’t see him!! DUH!!) Be careful or Be Bright!!

    OR BE BOTH! ha!

  2. 2

    Crap, I hate not being able to get over here to read!! I love your posts! Life is just, well, you know!!!!! 🙂

    OMG, the beach pics – awesome & gorgeous!!!!!

    I have a couple versions of those ab rollers – kinds hurts my wrists at times but I like to mix it up with the core!

    I hope you are doing OK Kristin!!!!!

    I miss your posts!

    HUGE HUGS!!!!!

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