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The Camera Roll and Time Is Love- You Can Wear It

The Camera Roll and Time Is Love- You Can Wear It


Hello friends! It’s so funny how darn fast weeks go by isn’t it?

We had a whirlwind of a week, but it was magnificent. I mean, with an alarm like this one how can it not be, right?

2015-09-27 22.04.32

Ha ha.

I did some caffeinated self-motivation throughout that week with my fun mug.

2015-09-28 07.19.13

The boys have been into tropical smoothies lately that I make with Vega protein. This tropical flavor blended with a frozen banana and some lowfat milk or almond milk is a big hit.

2015-09-28 16.17.47

My favorite fun snack of the week was NuttZo and jicama sticks that I found at Trader Joe’s.

2015-09-28 16.19.58

I did some short treadmill runs every morning and taught classes Monday and Thursday. My longest run was seven miles. Darn stride sensor. I used to be able to fool myself into thinking I ran what the treadmill actually said.

2015-10-01 06.14.042015-10-01 06.14.202015-09-28 18.16.45

Other than that though I didn’t do my usual resistance and strength workouts at home. I don’t know what happened, I just didn’t really make or find the time. I did find the time though to be the running cheerleader for the boys without their training wheels. They’re getting better and better every time.

2015-09-30 18.45.08 HDR2015-09-30 18.39.15

I was sent some delicious new gluten free bread to try made by BFree.

2015-09-29 07.16.302015-09-29 07.17.02

I already went through a whole loaf of the brown seeded bread. The slices are thin and do fabulously in my sandwich maker.

2015-09-29 07.25.02

Oh and by the way, if you haven’t make a sandwich out of Trader Joe’s chicken Chardonnay sausage and lite havarti cheese you really need to try it.

Last Monday was National Coffee Day. I celebrated of course, but I guess I celebrate that every day.

2015-09-29 07.34.36

Random, but this is what happens when I just open a new egg white jug and microwave eggs.

2015-10-01 07.13.58

Also random, but this is what happens when Joaquin asks for my iPad on a family trip in the car.

2015-10-03 15.15.212015-10-03 15.16.382015-10-04 09.33.31 HDR

Lovely, yes?


Friday night we got our flu shots and nasal mist from Target. I love their pharmacy.

2015-10-02 16.25.572015-10-02 16.28.25

We then had a little two on one soccer game. Judah and Mommy against Joaquin. It was a tie.

2015-10-02 17.49.37

Then we watched Muppets while eating fun snacks. Dark chocolate covered Element rice cakes for the win.

2015-10-02 19.14.33

Some were plain, others looked a little like this.

2015-10-02 19.49.28

He he.

I ran 15 miles yesterday and 5 today. The scenery was extremely different.

Saturday by the lake.

2015-10-03 06.16.342015-10-03 06.46.48

Today from my dear friend’s house in Bakersfield.

2015-10-04 07.50.092015-10-04 08.03.472015-10-04 08.08.16


Not too much else to report. I have the Long Beach marathon next weekend that I’m not quite ready for, but we’re going to make it happen. I’m excited and nervous since it’s been so long.

The most exciting news all week though is that Mizuno is coming out with the brand new Wave Inspire 12 shoes this month! Eeeeekkkkkk!

2015-09-29 17.13.44

The Wave Inspires have been my long time go to shoe and I can’t wait to see what updates and improvements they’ve made to them. Aren’t they pretty? I’m waiting for the right run to break them in. Does anyone else do that?


my work uniform is basically a different Run With Perseverance tank and shorts every day. My sweet friend Kathy now has two new tanks in her Etsy store. This is one of them.

2015-10-01 07.23.02

And this is the other one!

2015-10-04 18.07.14

Right? A freaking Time is Love tank! I’m sooooo excited!

She’s having a sale right now and you can get FREE shipping on any orders with code TIMEISLOVE. Her Etsy shop is here: Run With Perseverance.


And with that, the weekend is officially a wrap. Oh goodness. I’m not going to pretend I’m ready for the week, but ready or not, it’s Monday tomorrow.


Have a good one friends!


2015-10-01 15.55.322015-10-01 15.55.532015-10-03 10.47.52

2015-10-01 06.14.44

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  1. 1
    Kathy says:

    The tanks are super cute…

  2. 2
    Beth says:

    I just picked up some of those jicama sticks at TJs too. You dip them in the nutzo? I have no idea what to do with them. That last food pic looks like a Cookies and Cream Quest Bar. Also, do you know where that gluten free bread is available? Would love to try it!

    • 2.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      YES! or hummus. Sooo good! The bread is available at various grocery stores. This is the info they gave me- Ralphs, Lucky’s, Raley’s and Save Mart locations throughout California. And the breads will also be available soon on the company’s website at US.BFreeFoods.com .

  3. 3

    oooh! Jicama sticks would be so great with any kind of peanut or nut butter. Will have to search for those! I am so in love with the new Wave Inspires. Such a fantastic shoe!

  4. 4
    Jennifer says:

    What you were in Bakersfield, out for a run in Bakersfield?!! You should’ve sent me a message! I would’ve loved to run with you! Or at least try to catch up to you!

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