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Some Firsts and the New Float in Town

Some Firsts and the New Float in Town


So while I was deleting what seemed like a bazillion pictures that Joaquin took while driving, I found a couple really fun ones.

2015-10-03 14.51.56 HDR_thumb

That one just makes me smile. I love the feeling of being together on the road. It doesn’t happen all that often for us, but I feel like car time is great bonding time. And yes, that’s a fountain soda I’ve got there. A big Coke Zero from Carl’s Jr. was much needed over the grapevine. Ha.

I finally got my first fall cup from Starbucks.

2015-10-04 11.58.49_thumb

I don’t know why it’s so exciting, but it is right? My drink was the standard Café Americano, but it’s all about the cup.

The other day  Idid my weekly Trader Joe’s haul and the lady asked me if I had a rabbit while I was checking out.

2015-10-04 14.16.58_thumb

I had to laugh. I told her that I didn’t, but that I’m obsessed with the butter lettuce packs because they’re so easy for lunches. Heck yes I eat a bag a day.

Monday was a bit of a doozy. I thought it was going to be brilliant as the hubby texted me this picture on the way to work.

2015-10-05 07.15.12

The boys and I had a little chat about rainbows and they both told me that there is indeed a put of gold at the end of every rainbow. I just thought you should know.


My Monday though was not about a pot of gold, but about the huge coffee stain down my back I sported all day without knowing it.

2015-10-05 14.57.35

I mean, that’s just lovely right? Obviously it was my first time wearing my new hoodie and obviously I had no idea it was there until a student told me during 5th period. I’m so classy. Oh well. I smiled my way through the day anyway.

2015-10-05 14.56.35

I didn’t get a chance to sit down for dinner until 9 last night so all I had the energy to fix up was roasted zoodles with Trader Joe’s spicy hummus, Just Chili hot sauce and tuna. It was so simple and delicious though. There’s a really good chance it’s getting revisited tonight.

2015-10-05 21.03.47

So I still feel like everyday there’s a new life hurdle. We’re getting this whole work, school, training balance thing down, but still every day has something new in the mix.

I always feel like once we get home from our day I need a little pick me up. It’s usually some sort of protein ice cream creation. Today I needed a float. I’ve been doing variations of floats lately with leftover protein ice cream in the blender, but today’s creation was a good one.

These three things can create magic friends.

2015-10-06 16.37.08

Ha ha. I made protein ice cream with Silk almondmilk and Vega Sport vanilla protein powder. I decided to try to scoop some into a diet root beer.

2015-10-06 16.48.51

Best decision ever.

2015-10-06 16.49.09

I really should have tried to make it look all fancy, but the days of having the time to do that are long gone. So, I just snapped a bunch of pictures with my phone.

2015-10-06 16.49.20

I can’t wait until I can start making some afternoon pumpkin lattes, but until the weather cooperates this will do. Something about floats just makes me smile. Yes?

2015-10-06 16.49.29

If you missed my post awhile back with the protein ice cream recipe, you can find it here.

There are so many things about this crazy life that do too.

Cheers to change, putting family first, taking care of yourself the best you can with the time you make for yourself and for fun, creative, healthy, nondairy recipes we can come up with at home.

Life is good friends. (With or without a coffee stain down your back.)

Oh and since we’re talking about Silk, they have a new challenge going on called the Sideline Meat Challenge. It’s focused on encouraging people to adopt a plant-based diet (meat and dairy free) one night a week, starting with Monday Night Football tailgating parties. I’m joining starting next week since I dropped the ball last night, but if you want to jump on the Monday night plant-based diet train the hashtag is #MeatlessMondayNight. Fun huh?

Have a great rest of your week!


This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. 1

    I love car trips too! My husband and I always seem to have the deepest conversations when trapped together for long periods of time 😉

  2. 2
    Kathy says:

    I am sure Silk didn’t sponsor your coffee spill….ha! Now had that been a SILK spill it probably would not have even shown up. And funny that it took until 5th hour for someone to say something.

    (I am that weird friend that points stuff out to others….stuff in the teeth, in the nose, oh, your zipper is down, YEP I would have told you earlier! ha!)

  3. 3
    Lindsey says:

    Hey! I just wanted to comment to say how great your blog is. I have been a reader for a long time and have always enjoyed your blog but lately since you aren’t posting as much when you do I always look forward to it, the content is awesome, interesting and super motivating.

    Thanks keep it coming

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