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I’m Not Sure Which Was Harder

I’m Not Sure Which Was Harder


I have a couple of race recaps to get up on here as I ran a half marathon both last Sunday and yesterday, but this isn’t one quite yet.

2015-11-21 14.09.18

(Thanks to Pavement Runner for the picture form last week’s race.)

I have to be honest though, I think being on my own for a week with the boys was tougher than the whole running races thing. Being a full-time working parent is hard, but man I have a whole new appreciation for those of you who have to do it all on your own.

The hubby was out of the country and we were all anxiously awaiting his return last night. I attempted to pass the last few hours by offering to pay the boys to use The Stick on my legs, but that didn’t go over so well.

2015-11-21 16.14.25

Less than 2 minutes later.

2015-11-21 16.20.31 HDR

So we all got in pajamas, put in an online Papa John’s order and busted this out instead.


2015-11-21 18.12.39

Things are all good that Daddy’s back home. Even the cats celebrated this morning by actually all being in close proximity for the first time EVER.

2015-11-22 06.38.45

It actually makes me laugh because Daddy is NOT a fan of the cats (that’s saying it nicely).

2015-11-22 06.39.22

It’s been a lazy Sunday and I’m really loving it. It was much needed after this crazy week and we have the entire week off now from work and school so we’re pretty darn excited. We’re also pretty darn excited about our clever snack idea today.

2015-11-22 10.02.41

I saw these in the store last week and had to buy them.

2015-11-22 12.27.55

There were okay. I’m not a huge Popchip fan, but since these were spicy and all I just had to. Ha.

I was a fan of this awesome homemade candy my friend from work gave me though.

2015-11-22 15.54.04

She warned me it was hot and holy heck it was. I loved it.


My running this past week was very limited. I was on the treadmill every morning and got to run outside once on Tuesday, but that was about it. I tried to fit in two strength training sessions, but they were less than 30 minutes each.

I was totally that mom at soccer practice jogging around the super small soccer field and doing planks.

2015-11-16 16.56.08

When I’m doing my strength workout at home I always use a resistance band to do back work. Usually I do rows and lat pulls and a few others.

2015-11-20 06.13.10

If you don’t have weights, you can still get a full body workout with a simple resistance band.

My one run outside was glorious. Not because it necessarily felt that great, but I had some solo time to myself to clear my head. Those runs are the best ones.

2015-11-17 10.21.50

I rediscovered the 120 calorie dark chocolate muffin.

2015-11-17 12.54.11

It wasn’t as fabulous as I remember. Maybe it’s because it really looked like a poop emoji this time. Oh well, it did the trick and the huge glob of chocolate Nuttzo helped.

Jamba Juice sent us a gift card to try out their new almond milk smoothies.

2015-11-17 14.29.59 HDR2015-11-17 14.31.06 HDR

We were all about that. We intended on going to the mall mainly to stop at Target for napkins and cat food. That didn’t quite happen so Jamba Juice really came to the rescue.

2015-11-17 15.04.42

The pumpkin almond milk smoothie was delicious.

2015-11-17 15.05.01

It’s a good thing we had a gift card for our drinks because we sure spent a lot of unplanned money at Target.

2015-11-17 17.58.29

Yep. New sweatshirts that were not on the list.

2015-11-17 17.58.36

They’re pretty cool though, huh? It’s finally sweatshirt weather here in Southern California so we’re living it up.

Over the past week there were a lot of rough moments. One night though I had this by my bed.

2015-11-17 20.27.34

I love these kinds of notes.

Dinners were super simple. I ate a lot of roasted spaghetti squash and broccoli topped with guacamole and nutritional yeast with some homemade Flatout crisps.

2015-11-18 19.24.36

It was our niece’s birthday who we carpool with so one day we even managed to get out of the house early with just enough time for a Starbucks stop.

2015-11-19 07.22.56

We probably won’t be able to ever pull that off again so I had to document it.

2015-11-19 07.27.06

Ha ha.

Now onto other random life happenings that went on the other week and never made it on the blog.

We had the day off the other week for Veteran’s Day and I subbed a class at the gym since I miss my old daytime classes.

2015-11-11 09.32.02

I try to always end class with a couple planks and a smile.

2015-11-11 09.33.05

Funny how the people in classes seem to enjoy the planks more than my middle school PE students. Ha ha.

I got a little emotional taking the boys with me as that used to be what we did every day. I was teaching classes and taking the boys with me to the gym when they were just 4 months old. So crazy.

2015-11-11 09.40.34


I’m still doing roasted kabocha often and if it’s a good day it’s with some protein ice cream.

2015-11-11 12.49.31

I took my car in to get serviced and when the guy asked if I was going to stay and wait for it or run around I told him I was literally going to run around. I got in 6 miles before it was dark and my swagger wagon was done. I thought I was pretty cool.

2015-11-11 17.08.40

Seriously though, you’ve got to do what you can when you can.

Nala (our one cat that actually has hair) hates all people and the other cats, but for some reason she was begging me to take her picture one morning after I got off the treadmill.

2015-11-12 06.17.15


I thought about showing you a really gross picture of that burn on my ankle, but I’ll spare you the oozing picture and give you this updated one as it’s finally starting to heal up well.

2015-11-15 14.32.52

You’re welcome.


I ordered some cool protein doughnuts from The Dough Bar.

2015-11-12 20.04.52

They’re pricy, but nice to have in the freezer for when the doughnut craving hits. I had their awesome red velvet one after the race last weekend and it did not disappoint.

2015-11-15 11.52.10-1

I even tried really hard to make it look all pretty since everything comes individually packed.

The other Friday was World Kindness Day and Kind (the awesome company behind the Kind Bar) had this cool #kindawesome campaign.

2015-11-13 07.12.02

We got little cards to give out to people we saw being kind or who are special to us. The boys and I had fun giving the cards and I just love the idea of telling someone that they’re just kind and awesome. I think we should make it a daily thing.

 2015-11-13 14.50.53

Not only are there a lot of kind and awesome people out there, but being in pajamas on a Friday night before 7 pm and sipping sleepy tea is all kinds of awesome.

2015-11-13 19.04.00 HDR



So, we have the entire week off and I couldn’t be more excited. I need a week to regroup and get some goal things figured out and spend some extra time with family and friends.

I’ll have a race recap tomorrow, but for now we’re working on making some big life changes as far as priorities. We’ve already made some, but it’s time to make even more.

Carlsbad Marathon and Surf City Marathon are going to be here before I know it (code SCMSTEHLY10 for 10% off registration for Surf City) and I really want to focus on doing well in Boston. This came in the mail and it was a little reminder.

2015-11-12 07.03.19

My days of being able to run the Boston Marathon might be limited so I want to be able to go all out and do it the right way in 2016.

You know, you can hope to get somewhere and hope to get better, but unless you’re really ready to try and go all out and make changes it’s just not going to happen.

You have to be ready, make sacrifices and put in the work.

That work is always behind being a better mom for me.

2015-11-10 17.13.22

But I’m ready to move it right behind that instead of WAY behind it.


2015-11-10 17.01.37

These guys already asked if I could try to run faster at the Big Sur Marathon next time because I took way too long last time and I was like the last one to finish. Talk about putting the pressure on right?


Have a good one!

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  1. 1
    Jen says:

    Great post lady! Excited to hear about your running…

  2. 2
    Kathy says:

    If we had those frozen doughnuts in our freezer they would be gone in days….I hate to admit it but my children have my impulse and sweet tooth, thus if its in the house it will be eaten.

    Once again we need to do some big changes around here too….always talking the talk and it only lasts a week and then I am usually back to the same sad routines….time to make the big changes before I feel that much older and weaker in this body. And that’s not right!!!

    I need to be strong and the best I can be with what I have to work with. 😉

    Now keep running so you aren’t last ~ ha! ha! ~ those boys are motivating and funny!!

  3. 3
    Joe says:

    Enjoy your vacation week. Hope you get to do some great things together.

    Congrats on the Boston confirm. Do you have your reservations all set? It was a sad day when I gave up my hotel reservation for April (I missed the cutoff by 17 seconds). Oh well, I’m hopefully in for 2017 (7:17 faster than minimum qualifier with the new age group).

    BTW, your back is amazing! The definition is incredible!

  4. 4

    Congrats on Boston!! I am looking forward to hearing how training goes. I know you won’t be slogging through snow, but hope you have some good winter training weather. Good luck!

  5. 5

    Congrats on making it through a week sans husband. Sometimes I think that times like those make me appreciate my husband much more, so they are good in the end. Can’t wait to hear about your races. You are such a motivator to me being a full time working mom 🙂 Good work lady!!!

  6. 6

    I was excited to get a blog post email today from you! They’re always fun to read. We have a lot in common with working full-time and having two little boys and most of all trying to find balance! Your motivation is motivating to me. Anxious to read the race recaps!

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