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Silver Strand Half Marathon Recap

Silver Strand Half Marathon Recap


Let’s see now, it seems like it was so long ago that I ran this. Ha.

Before I recap, it’s pretty humbling that I ran about 4 minutes slower this year than I did when I ran it three years ago pushing the boys in the double stroller. That recap is here. I’m not sure how the heck I did that.

Oh the memories.



My pre race dinner was the same as usual these days. Homemade pizza without cheese or too many veggies while watching the Muppets. (Have you seen the new show by the way? It’s awesome.)

2015-11-14 19.53.53 

TO be honest I pretty much didn’t want to run at all from the minute my alarm went off in the morning. I just wasn’t in the mood.

I was however excited to hang out with my lady friends. I hitched a ride with Smitha to the race so Andrew and the boys could sleep in and stay home. Aren’t I nice?

My Debbie Downer attitude didn’t go away, but it did make everything a little more comical for some reason. So many things were going wrong that I just had to keep laughing. It was the most I’ve ever laughed before while waiting for a race to start.

2015-11-15 06.36.49 HDR

Then we met up with some of the We Run Social crew. There’s Pavement Runner who’s the man behind it all.

2015-11-15 07.03.21

Seriously hanging out with friends you’ve met through instagram or other social media networks is one of the best parts about races. The running community is so darn awesome.

2015-11-15 07.13.44

We got to debut the new Pro Compression sock design. Pretty cool, huh?

2015-11-15 07.14.352015-11-15 07.24.39

I ran the first 6 or so miles with Brian. It was nice having the company and chatting for a bit. I wasn’t feeling that great and I could tell he wanted to go ahead so we slowly parted ways. Once he left me I started listening to my music.

2015-11-15 08.22.34

I never really looked at my Polar GPS because I knew I wasn’t feeling it. I was running it, but not loving it. The miles went my relatively fast though thank goodness.

2015-11-15 08.59.24

Thanks to David from FitFam6 for these pictures.

2015-11-15 08.59.25

It was great to get to that finish line. I came in a couple minutes after Brian.

2015-11-15 09.14.53

I finally looked and saw that I finished in 1:41:26 and was a little disappointed. I knew I wasn’t feeling good, but was still hoping to get under 1:40. But….. oh well.

2015-11-15 09.15.23

I’m super thankful that I can run. Not every race is a fabulous one performance wise. This one was a blast other than that. How can you not have fun with these guys?

2015-11-15 09.34.09 HDR2015-11-15 09.35.022015-11-15 09.40.322015-11-15 09.41.45

This race is a good one though. Lots of parking, a nice flat course, point to point and most of it is along the coast.

Oh and just a quick little shoe chat- this was my first time racing in the new Mizuno Wave Sayonara 3 shoes. I usually race in the 2s. I actually think I prefer racing in the 2s better. They seem to be lighter.


Smitha and I took off quickly because we both needed to be back home for mama duties. We made our Vega recovery accelerator drinks and were one our way.

2015-11-15 09.55.432015-11-15 09.59.43 HDR

Another half marathon in the books. I’ve lost count how many I’ve actually done. I should probably total them all up.

It was a fun one. It was humbling and gave me a lot to think about. I’ve slowed down a lot lately, but that’s because I’ve made other things priorities and am back working full time and still trying to juggle everything else. Obviously something’s gotta give.

Now though is the time to figure out what else to give up and where to really focus my energy.

The main self debate is if I want to see if I can ever PR again or embrace this new recreational running thing and not care about my time?

Decisions. Decisions.

2015-11-15 11.09.47



I actually had a much better race this past weekend. It’s funny how a week and where your head is at can make such a big difference. That recap is on the way along with some other fun stuff including a GIVEAWAY. Yippee. Stay tuned. I actually have some blogging time since we’re on vacation.

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  1. 1

    Considering it takes me an hour to run 6 miles, I have to say you should be so happy with your 1:40 for your half! I dream to love running and I really need to work on that. Great job and sounds like you have some great runner friends – that definitely helps 🙂

    • 1.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I’m soooooo happy. I didn’t mean it to come across like I wasn’t. Grateful, happy, you name it. It’s just humbling given I used to be in such a different place. 🙂

  2. 2

    Great work, lady! Looked like a beautiful day to race.

  3. 3
    Kathy says:

    So nice to have a friend with the name Smitha?! How cool is that name? Is it a nickname? Anywho, I like it!! I cannot tell you weren’t into running that day….remember you are human too…however, you are always smiling so I guess you hide the “not feeling it” part well. 😉

    Decisions, Decisions……I will help you out (I am nice like that…) You have a lot on your plate so enjoy everything in moderation and don’t worry about the PR. There done. Happy Thanksgiving!!


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