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The USA Half Marathon Invitational Recap

The USA Half Marathon Invitational Recap


I’m avoiding the whole Black Friday shopping thing at the moment. I’m not sure how crazy it is out there, but maybe I’ll give it a go in a bit.

Instead, I thought I’d recap last week’s USA Half Marathon Invitational. Given the race was only 6 days after the Silver Strand Half Marathon, after a week of being on my own with the boys with Daddy out of the country and something I signed up for just 2 weeks prior, I’d say it went darn well.

I had a very timely delivery from Frieda’s as I got home on Friday.

2015-11-20 16.31.46

Oh heck yes, Stoke’s purple sweet potatoes are back in the house. The are my absolute favorite, especially when my training gets a little tougher and I need more carbs. It’s all about roasted purple sweet potatoes. That’s exactly what I had race morning with coconut oil and cinnamon.

I wasn’t sure if I was in the mood to race as I really hadn’t been the week before, but I set out my outfit the night before to get myself mentally prepared a bit.

2015-11-20 20.02.02-1

(Handful bra, Mizuno Wave Sayonara 2 shoes, Mizuno Inspire Singlet, Phoenix Print Shorts, Pro Compression socks, Halo Hairband, Mizuno gloves and Auria all-weather musicbelt.

This was the first year they’ve done this race. You never know quite what’s going to happen when it’s an inaugural race. Logistically though everything seemed to be done really well. You could park either close to the start line or close to the finish line. I chose the start line because I still had to figure out where to pick up my race number and such. I figured I’d rather take my time walking back to my car afterwards than running like heck before the race to find out where to go.

I’m really glad I made that choice as it still took me forever to find the race support table (it was teeny tiny at the very back of where everyone was lined up to start). By the time I got my number and got in back of the port a potty line I had a bout 10 minutes before the race started.

Whelp, the line was SLOW and I was still in it at start time.

2015-11-21 05.58.18


At least I wasn’t’ the only one.

2015-11-21 06.01.03

It was the first time I’d run across the start line after everyone was already gone though. Man was it quiet and I think there were probably only like 10 people who started after me. I didn’t have to worry about any crowds though. Ha ha.

I made it a little challenge to try to catch up to as many people as I could. Every time I passed a different pace group I got really excited.

I felt good. I wasn’t coughing like crazy like the week before and I could actually breathe so things were really looking up. The weather was perfect and the race course was a really fun one. There was quite a bit of climbing at the beginning that I didn’t anticipate, but maybe I would have if I actually looked up the race course ahead of time.


I kept telling myself that if I could survive a week on my own without the hubby home then I could run my heart out here for a bit. I was hoping to come in under 1:40, but didn’t really look at my Polar too much. I don’t like to pay attention during races because it messes with my head. I prefer to just run on feeling. Maybe that’s why I’ll never really be competitive.

The finish line was right on the bay in downtown San Diego. Oh and I almost forgot, Meb was out giving high fives around mile 6. IT was a quiet mile and there he was standing all my himself on the side with his red gloves on. It was was awesome. I thought about stopping to take a picture, but I already have a bazillion and one pictures with him and wanted to see what kind of time I could get.

2015-11-21 07.45.432015-11-21 07.45.46

This race was a qualifying race. They said it’s like the Boston Marathon of half marathons. It was organized and Hawi Management (Meb’s brother).

Wouldn’t you know I found him right at the end.

2015-11-21 07.47.33 HDR

Then I found cute little Carlee.

2015-11-21 07.49.02

It was a good darn day. I had made it under my goal.

2015-11-21 07.49.29

Carlee and I headed out pretty quickly.

2015-11-21 07.54.04

I was really excited that a little volunteer offered me a box to stock up on some goodies they had for us at the finish line.

2015-11-21 07.54.16

Sometimes it’s the little things. Ha ha.

(The jacket the guy is wearing in the background is the jacket everyone gets. I didn’t go to the packet pick up so I had to send money to get mine in the mail. Twice I tried to mail my envelope and information without a stamp and it got returned to me. I’m so smart sometimes.)

2015-11-21 08.01.20

The medal is legit friends.

2015-11-21 08.02.37

I think my whole matchy matchy thing I had going on was good luck too.

2015-11-21 08.03.16

My Polar V800 was just 4 seconds off form my official time.

2015-11-21 08.02.16

Official time was 1:37:31 (7:27 per mile pace).

I will take it. I will also let this be my last race for awhile while I figure things out training wise. This was one heck of a way to end the year.

Wouldn’t you know on my drive home my little coach Polar Paul had the nerve to tell me it’s time to move. I mean really.

2015-11-21 09.27.24


And that’s a wrap.

Well, I guess that’s not a complete wrap on my races from 2015 as I’m running the Del Dios Trail Half Marathon in a couple weeks on December 12th, but just for fun and will probably run it with friends.


Now it’s time to decide if I’m going to brave some shopping or not. Hmmm…..

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  1. 1

    FRIG! That pace is not even close to my fast time – that is speedy crazy for me! 🙂 I am OK with that as you know!

    Interesting to hear what your plans are for the new year….

    I have been doing tons of thinking.. so much on the mind… not sure I will stick around much in 2016 BUT that is up in the air too. It is a HUGE MENTAL thing to walk away… I will see… don’t hold me to this! 🙂

  2. 2
    Melissa says:

    I’m late on this, but wanted to send you congrats! PS. Can you send your San Diego weather to Pennsylvania please?!?

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