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Winners, Winners, Winners

Winners, Winners, Winners


I’m a couple days late on announcing the giveaway winners so I better announce those before I do anything else.

The winner for the Apera Bags giveaway is Katie #37.


Woo hoo! Email me at stuftmama@stuftfitness.com with your mailing info and I’ll pass it along Katie.


The winner of the other giveaway for Vega Sport Protein powder and a cool shaker cup is

Katherine Loucks. Congrats! I sent you an email!



Okay so giveaway talk is out of the way and to be honest I don’t have too much else. My mind is a crowded mess at the moment because I can’t decide to focus on work, Christmas presents, laundry, what to make for dinner or just trying to breathe. Ha ha ha.


All my runs were rather short this week and were done on the treadmill.

2015-12-03 06.20.09

I got outside yesterday morning for 16 miles and it was glorious.

2015-12-05 06.22.59

I felt so slow though and very unenergetic, but I think that was because I chose not to have any coffee beforehand. That was not the best decision. I ate an organic hot dog and egg white sandwich before I left, but didn’t get any caffeine in my system. Dumb. 

2015-12-05 05.38.29

Yes, I’ve been eating hot do and egg white sandwiches lately. It’s weird, I know, but I crave them in the morning. I’m sure it’s just a stage.


I was writing an article for the Mizuno blog a couple days ago on treadmill workouts and revisited a couple of oldie, but goodie ones. I got excited and not only am going to try them out this week, but have to share them with you too.

This first one was written on the blog way back in 2011 (original post with cute baby picture s of the boys and gross pictures of food here). Here’s the quote and the workout though if that’s all you’re looking for. Ha ha.

Here was my interval treadmill workout today. It’s pretty much a given amount of time at an easy level or pace followed by the equal amount of time at a moderate/hard level or pace- each time lessening the interval by a minute. I’ll post some speed suggestions, but really everyone is different and you can work at your own level if you want to try it. It’s a fun one and it makes the time go by really fast.

STUFT Mama’s Treadmill Interval Workout

Minutes Effort MPH (just suggestions)
0-5:00 brisk walk or jog (warm-up) 3-4 (walk) or 5-6 (jog)
5:00-10:00 jog or run (moderate to hard effort) 5-6 (jog) or 6-8 (run)
10:00-14:00 brisk walk or jog (recovery) 3-4 (walk) or 5.5-6 (jog)
14:00-18:00 jog or run (moderate to hard effort) 5-6 (jog) or 6-8 (run)
18:00-21:00 brisk walk or jog (recovery) 3-4 (walk) or 5.5-6.5 (run)
21:00-24:00 jog or run (moderate to hard effort) 5-6.5 (jog) or 6.5-8.5 (run)
24:00-26:00 brisk walk or jog (recovery) 3-4 (walk) or 5.5-6.5 (run)
26:00-28:00 jog or run (moderate to hard effort) 5-6.5 (jog) or 7-8.5 (run)
28:00-29:00 brisk walk or jog (recovery) 3-4 (walk) or 5.5-7 (run)
29:00-30:00 jog or RUN (hard effort- go all out) 6-7 (run) or 7-9 (run)
30:00-35:00 cool down 3-4 (walk)

   There’s another similar one here that I wrote on my birthday a couple years ago.

A Birthday Song and a 20 Minute Treadmill Interval Workout

Posted By STUFT Mama On January 31, 2012 @ 12:37 pm

Article printed from STUFT Mama: http://stuftmama


Another one I found was this one. I think I randomly came up with it because I couldn’t hang with the workout I was supposed to do on my plan from Coach Jason.

sweating to the Mondays treadmill workout

It’s a good one though and hey, it’s perfect for a Monday. Ha.



I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping. It’s so much easier that way. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to keep the boys away from the boxes before I can open them. I’ve got to be careful. This is what usually happens to my packages.

2015-11-29 16.11.59

Ha ha ha.


I finally hung a rack up in the workout room by the treadmill. I’m hoping it will help me stay focused  on some new goals. I’ve only had the rack for almost two years now and it took finally begging my dad to come over and hang it for me.

2015-12-01 06.12.08

I hung up the most meaningful medals.

Lunch lately has been roasted spaghetti squash with rotisserie chicken from Costco.

2015-12-01 12.37.33

I always eat at my desk because it’s a race  to see how much work I can get done during my prep and lunch. The boys are with me at the end of my day which is my most favorite part of the day, but I can never get anymore work done so I’m pretty much all work no play until then.

2015-12-02 15.45.02 HDR-1

I’m so thankful for everything about my job. Oh and I really love this Mizuno Breathe Thermo Double Knit Full Zip Hoodie.

The cats have been in everyone’s business this past week, but that’s nothing new.

2015-12-01 16.54.32

After one of the boys had a rough day at school they went with Daddy to get a few things at Walmart. They also came home with the gem.

2015-12-01 19.14.14

I’ve made way too many decisions based on what the 8 Ball tells me. Funny stuff. We’ve been having a good time with it though.

WE also went to visit Santa. They changed the mall Santa on us, and I have to say the new one is not as good as our original. Luckily the boys are still young enough and well, you know, are just boys.

2015-12-02 16.40.092015-12-02 16.40.16

I’ve been eating protein ice cream made with Vega protein a lot.

2015-12-02 19.35.42

I also ordered some protein doughnuts from The Dough Bar Doughnuts. The new flavor is cheesecake and it is awesome.

2015-12-03 16.19.53

Eating Love Grown Foods chocolate Power O’s out of a mug on a Sunday morning while you’re still is pajamas is awesome too.

2015-12-03 16.27.52

Ha ha.

I followed it up with this a little while later.

2015-12-06 10.14.15

Eggs and egg whites from our chickens, an organic beef hotdog and smoked jalapeno kraut.


A couple of other random things before I go….

I used a stability ball for my core work this week. I forgot how much better it is when you change things up and work muscles a different way. I’ll be doing that again this week.

2015-12-03 19.16.17

We decorated the house and watched Elf Friday night. Love that movie.

2015-12-04 18.51.47

“Santa. I Know him!”

Snuggles and movei time with the boys is the best. Seriously, it makes me heart so full.

2015-12-04 19.39.59-1

Our Elf on the Shelf Harvey finally decided to show up the other day.

2015-12-05 20.09.56

Phew. The boys were getting a bit nervous. I hope he keeps a close eye on all of us. We sure need it.



Have a wonderful week!


Anyone else do most of their shopping online?

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  1. 1
    Laura says:

    Thanks for the treadmill workouts, they are a necessity here in Michigan during the winter months. I just finished your 20 minute interval workout!

  2. 2
    Kathy says:

    NO SHOPPING for us this year since our gift is the family trip to Disney. (Of course, that would be harder to pull off with little kids….how would Santa find them at Disney?? wink**wink**)

    It’s been very stress free if I do say so myself…..

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