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Carlsbad Marathon 2016 Recap

Carlsbad Marathon 2016 Recap


Okay so here’s a quicky little race recap from yesterday.

The race started at 6:15 am and I knew it would be dark so I took a pre-race bathroom selfie just in case I wasn’t in one piece at the end of the race. Ha ha.

2016-01-17 05.10.57

I ate my roasted purple sweet potato and egg whites in the car along with coffee and some Vega sport energizer. I was definitely carbed up.

I went into this race using it as a training run and an experiment as I’ve changed things up a bit with nutrition and knew that I hadn’t been training that well. My runs on the treadmill have all been at about 8:20 or so pace and I haven’t done any speed work. I did a couple 16 mile runs, a 17 miler and a 20 miler. Last week I did one too, but there was a lot of stopping and such because we were with a group of friends.

Anyhoo……. I knew today wasn’t going to be a PR, but I felt good physically and was mentally in the game. There are races that you are really excited about and then there are races that you just want to run and get them over with. This one I was really excited about and curious to see what happened.

I was aiming for under a 3:40, but secretly wanted to get under 3:30. Not sure what made me think I could pull that off without training for it. Silly me.

I got to the starting line just in time for a quick picture and then we were off.

2016-01-17 06.11.21

(There’s my Vega energizer in one of the boy’s cups. Hope they don’t miss it.)

2016-01-17 06.12.47


Thoughts along the course:

I started out pretty fast. My miles were in between 7:30 and 7:45 pace. The first 6 miles actually flew by. My legs were tired, but the race went quickly. I remember thinking to myself that it was going by fast and then also saying “thank God” and making myself laugh. Yes, I talk to myself and do that.

I had a GU at mile 8. I still felt pretty good, but could tell that I needed to maybe take it a little easier. By mile 12 I felt myself slowing down. Nothing hurt, but I just was starting to slow down a bit.

By mile 15 I knew I might be in trouble. From then on it was definitely a mental and physical fight. I had gone out too fast and my body was telling me that I’m not as fast and young as I used to be. I stayed in it, but friends it was tough. I so wanted to just stop and walk for a bit, but the stubborn part of me wouldn’t let that happen. The miles really didn’t go too fast after mile 16. In fact, they were long ones. I had to fight to keep my head in the game and keep my legs moving.

I had another GU at mile 16 and then some Jelly Belly sport beans that I had gotten as a sample at mile 21. I’ve never had those during a race before, but they were really fun to eat while running and will definitely be at my next race.

I forgot how hilly this course was. It doesn’t have steep hills, but there are a lot of rolling hills which make it tough.

Despite the rolling hills, the course is beautiful though. The parts along the coast are breath taking. There’s a good chunk of the course that takes marathoners inland and around some out and backs and those aren’t too exciting, but when you get back to the coast it’s nice.

The worst sign I saw along the way at mile 2 was : “You still have a SH#$%load of miles left to go”. What kind of sign is that?

There were some other good ones though that I told myself I have to remember, but of course now can’t think of any off hand.

I pushed through those last 2 miles like no other. I just had to zone out and make my legs go. As soon as I crossed the finish line I just wanted to cry because it was so hard, but right then I ran into my sweet friend Kiley who ran the half and had just crossed the finish line seconds before me.

Instead of crying I did this.

2016-01-17 09.58.48

God must have know I needed someone right then and there.

2016-01-17 10.00.11

She is the best and rocked the half.

2016-01-17 10.00.44

I’m not really sure if my right ear was like that the whole time I was running or not, but it’s pretty attractive, yes? Ha ha.

It didn’t take long to feel okay afterwards. Chatting with Kiley though helped and I really feel like this little experiment was a good one and was a huge wake up call.

My nutrition was on point so I’m taking down lots of notes about what I did so I can do it again. I didn’t have any stomach issues and my muscles were ready to go all out thanks to the help of Katie from Katie’s Fit Script and Coach Elizabeth.

I’ve got a lot of work to do to really be ready for Boston though. Oh my goodness. Today’s time was 20 minutes slower than the last time I ran this race (recap is here). I’m okay with that since life and priorities are so different now than they were two years ago. I didn’t have a full time job and the boys were younger and I wasn’t always making the best choices to be in the moment with them as much as I could. These days that’s my number one and running and racing are just there as a hobby.

I’m competitive by nature though and know that if I put the work in the right way I can do better, so that’s what I’m going to do.

Getting older is for the birds and slowing down just comes with age, but heck I’m going to try to fight it as much as I can. It’s not over yet.

2016-01-17 10.14.28

This is just the wake up call to get things back on track.

2016-01-17 10.16.16

Heck yes.

Oh, my finish time was 3:38:42 in case you’re wondering.


I had this Vega recovery accelerator waiting for me in the car.

2016-01-17 11.00.24 HDR

That was pretty darn smart don’t you think?


It’s never too late to make big goals. It just takes more work and more sacrifice as we get older and life changes. If you really want something, well then, something else has gotta give. You have to make the choice, commit to it and GO FOR IT.

Do hard things friends. If it’s not hard and you’re not getting out of your comfort zone, then you might just have to dream a bit bigger. YOU can do anything you want, you just have to believe in yourself and DO IT!


Oh and just in case you’re looking for that thing that might make you make some big goals I was just given a discount code as an OC Marathon ambassador for $10 off race registration for the full or half marathon.

The code is KRISTIN10OFF and you can register HERE. Woot!


I posted this on Instagram, but Elizabeth Inpyn sent this to me the other day and it was exactly what I needed.

It’s never too late to make TODAY be YOUR beginning of the great adventure that is waiting for you.

2016-01-11 20.35.41-1_thumb

That’s all for now friends.

Have a wonderful start to your week!

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  1. 1
    Corrina says:

    I’d love to hear more about your nutrition tweaks to help your tummy! That was my downfall in my first marathon 4 years ago and now I am doing another in June…hoping to figure out what works best for me along the way while training. Love those shoes!!

  2. 2
    Laura says:

    You still made your first goal of under 3:40, congrats, I think that’s an amazing time!!!

  3. 3

    I love your honesty & showing all sides Kristin!

    I know all about the older stuff! It took a lot of me to learn to accept I was not as strong as my younger years & my workouts take me like 20+ minutes longer! 🙂

    HUGE HUGS!!!

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