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Chef V 3 Day Cleanse Discount and Review

Chef V 3 Day Cleanse Discount and Review


It’s Friday. Thank goodness as this has been one heck of a long week. I’m sure everyone wants to be reading about a cleanse going into the weekend, but hey, I wanted to get my review up of my first stab at this because there will most likely be another. (Yeah, I liked it that much.)

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet (hey, just like the cleanse itself-ha).

Last week I was offered the Chef V cleanse to review. I’ve looked at different cleanses in the past, but never really wanted to spend the money or totally commit to one. I’ve always been hesitant to do a cleanse  since I love to eat so much and until last week I had never done one before in my entire life.

Here’s why I did this one though.

I don’t usually have time when I’m not really training for a race or anything, but things are slow right now and I’m actually trying to focus on getting nutrition in check so I can take on better training soon so the timing seemed to fit.

Since my last two back to back marathons I have not been smart about nutrition. I rested like I was told, but I still ate the same as if I was running 50 miles a week and even made worse choices than usual. That darn sugar monster has been on the attack. Everyone needs to give themselves a little break sometimes, but I take that a little too seriously. I always have.

Lately I’ve really felt like I needed a jump start to get back on track with nutrition. I have the most amazing nutrition coach with Coach Elizabeth but if I’m being honest there have been LOTS of times lately I’ve been flaky with my meal plans and just went the complete opposite direction. As I’m sure you know, once you start going down that whole sugary, processed foods direction it’s really hard to turn back around.



I’m an impulsive person and I knew I needed to just do the cleanse as soon as possible. I even had my sweet mom go pick it up for me so I didn’t have to wait a week for the free delivery. (Thanks Mom!)

They sent me the pre-cleanse instructions by email and I kind of followed them for the most part for the 2 days that they recommend. I didn’t have the instructions until the day before I was going to start (only because of my impulsivity to start the cleanse right away) and figured my eating the past few days had been relatively close to the guidelines. I did not cut out coffee like they say to do, but if I did it again I would follow those pre cleanse directions a bit better.

When my sweet mom picked up the kit for me at their kitchen she commented on how she could tell everything was freshly prepared daily and how nice everyone was there.

I got the 3 Day Cleanse Kit and they send you everything you need for the three days along with a complete guidebook of what to take when during each day for the best results. I had to adjust the times a bit, but stuck to the time intervals between meals that they had.

Here’s what came with the 3 Day Cleanse all nicely put together in the reusable insulated bag:

2016-05-10 17.37.35

Every day you have 4 16 oz. drinks of the green juice, 2 protein shakes and the detox soup.

Here’s the nutrirional information from their FAQ’s section.

Chef V Organic Green Drink

Every glass of Chef V Organic Green Drink has our unique combination of seven Certified Organic super greens: green kale, black kale, collard greens, dandelion greens, green chard, curly parsley and green leaf lettuce. Then we add a little apple to sweeten it up a bit and filtered water to aid in absorption.

Nutrition Facts (8oz serving): 26 calories, 0g fat, 24mg sodium, 6g carb, 1g fiber, 3g sugar, and 1g protein.

Chef V Organic Ultra Shake

Our raw, whole food protein shake contains Certified Organic sprouted brown rice protein, sprouted brown rice sweetener, quinoa sprout, millet sprout, amaranth sprout, garbanzo bean sprout, lentil sprout, sunflower seed sprout, pumpkin seed sprout, chia seed sprout, flax sprout, and stevia.

Nutrition Facts (16oz serving): 105 calories, 1g fat, 4.5mg sodium, 6g carb, 4.5g fiber, <1g sugar, and, 17.5g protein.

Chef V SOUPer Detox

A detoxifying “soup de jour” packed with local, Certified Organic sweet potato, zucchini, carrot, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, leek, onion, sea salt, curry spice, turmeric, and coconut milk.

Nutrition Facts (16oz serving): 280 calories, 3g fat, 300mg sodium, 50g carb, 10g fiber, 8g sugar, and 6g protein.

You have the green drink 4 times per day with three of them being about an hour before your meal (the protein drink or the soup). The juice was good. It wasn’t gritty at all like some green drinks are and it had just the right amount of sweetness. It was really easy to drink.

2016-05-11 05.09.422016-05-11 05.13.35

The plant based protein shake was also good. It reminded me a lot of the Vega One shake. I’m not used to just mixing protein powder with water though, but it still was pretty darn good on it’s own.

2016-05-11 05.04.15

The soup though……. that was DELICIOUS! I wish I could recreate it at home. I wasn’t expecting it to be so tasty, but man it was.

2016-05-10 17.38.232016-05-10 17.38.19

During the cleanse the soup should be the last thing you have as your dinner. I had to adjust a bit and I had the soup as a late afternoon snack before I taught my classes at the gym. I felt like I needed the carbs for energy before. I know they don’t recommend that, but oh well.

I also got some detox tea which they don’t talk about on the website, but it was to have first thing in the morning each day.

2016-05-10 17.38.40


So, day one was okay. The whole no coffee thing was tough, but for some reason it didn’t seem like a huge shock. It was more of a shock to just have a protein shake for breakfast because I’m so used to having big breakfasts.

I really was surprised how good I felt the first day though. I had a lot of energy and didn’t feel too hungry or anything. I Was expecting to be ravenous, but that never really happened at all throughout the process.

On day two I felt better than day one. However it was a really high activity level day with a short run, teaching PE all day and then teaching a spin class at night. I could tell though after my spin class that I might need to add some more food on the third day.

That’s exactly what I did. I added a few of the foods from the pre and post cleanse approved list to make it through the day. I added food to breakfast and I had a meal at dinner. That was not part of the cleanse plan and I knew I was risking giving up some of the benefits to stick it out exactly as I should have for the entire three days, but I did not plan well and with the activity I was doing I just needed a little more.

Overall after three days I felt great, like really great. I lost 4 pounds from the day before the cleanse to the day after (5 days). I’m sure a lot of that was water weight, but I really felt so good even just after 2 strict days on the cleanse and adding a little more on day 3.

I have to say it really was the jumpstart (or slap in the face) I needed to get serious and stop making poor food choices and make taking care of my body a priority again.

I noticed that I slept really well and Andrew and I were even joking the other night that my hair felt softer. I have no idea if that has anything to do with the cleanse, but let’s hope the soft hair stays for a bit. Ha.


In hindsight and after a few days to reflect I really want to try it again when I don’t have to teach any classes and can just rest and stick to exactly what the cleanse tells me to do. And also to really follow the pre cleanse for the minimum on 2 days they suggest and the post cleanse for 2 days as well.

I actually have talked my mom into doing it so she has her stuff all ordered and ready to be delivered next week.

And call me crazy, but I actually used my own discount code (STUFT for 55% off) to buy the 3 day cleanse again. Now that I know exactly what it entails and actually followed the pre cleanse guidelines, I want to do it better. I don’t have to teach any classes and can really rest and sleep a lot this weekend so I’m giving it a go again.


They have a lot of offers on the website, but gave me a code to share that’s even better than all the other discounts out there. Woot!

Here it is!

You can use code STUFT for 55% of any cleanse.

(Click on the image above to go to the website.)

I just did the math and that makes the 3 day cleanse $103.50. That’s not a bad deal because you won’t have to buy groceries for 3 days and in full disclosure, I actually just paid that to do it again for 3 days and feel even better than I did last week.

2016-05-10 17.38.32

Have a great weekend!

chef v discount


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  1. 1
    Kathy says:

    That’s very tempting….

  2. 2
    Aubrey says:

    Looks like an awesome cleanse and not like to overwhelmingly hard.

  3. 3
    Linda Viner says:

    That looks great. I’ve never done a cleanse because I don’t believe in most of them. But this one looks perfect. The only problem is, what do you do if you are not trying to lose a few pounds? Can you add stuff?

    • 3.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Linda- YES! They give you an approved list of foods for the pre and post cleanse and you can add those in if needed. That’s what I did and I still felt great after. I need some more protein. 🙂

  4. 4

    I like to chew too much – food here… 🙂

  5. 5
    preethi says:

    Hi there, i tried to use your coupon code for the 5 day cleanse (360$) and it won’t give me the 55% off – how come? It’s still charging me 239$ instead of 167$. Your post says 55% off any cleanse. Can you clarify?



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