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Vega Clean, Run-Fit Certification and It’s Global Running Day

Vega Clean, Run-Fit Certification and It’s Global Running Day


Well hello. I have a somewhat working computer at the moment and tomorrow is National Running Day so we need to chat running really quick. Yes? Yes.

Before running chat though, we had a little family workout session tonight.

2016-05-31 18.35.48-3

It was pretty awesome. The set-up may have been longer than the actual workout itself, but hey, we did it together and even had a little audience there.


Everything this past week has been a blur. We’ve been go, go, go daily with all the end of the year happenings.

I did get to take a few quite minutes on Sunday to enjoy my coffee while diffusing doTERRA Purify oil.

2016-05-28 08.51.34

I use different oils for different moods and circumstances, but Sunday needed a little Purify. Yep, that’s my new thing and I love it. I have this waterless diffuser in the kitchen and it’s just darn fabulous. Feel free to email me if you ever want to chat oils. I’m already anxious to see what the June promo is going to be. It’s the little things…….

Speaking of, I got my nails done for the first time in over 10 years. We’ll see how long they last. Ha.


I have a bazillion things I want to talk about (like fun snacks and Starbucks), but I’ve been dealing with a mess of computer problems lately and that darn awful blue screen with a sad face, so I’ll just get right to the run chat for now.

You know the face I’m talking about ,right?

2016-05-29 19.56.02

Not my favorite.


My runs last week were all easy paced, but I did get to venture off a bit outside for my long run of the week in honor of Memorial Day.

2016-05-28 11.39.09-2

I went to visit my grandparents and my father-in-law and brother-in-law and all the others who have served our country. Man it’s a good day to just stop, remember and honor some amazing people.


I actually got to start off this week with a run outside also thanks to Mom and Dad who had the boys over for pancakes and sausages.

2016-05-30 10.50.33 HDR-3

It was just what I needed. For some reason it felt like a fresh start. Every week kind of does though, but I was especially thankful for where I’m at and the hard work that’s ahead of me. Things are not easy at the moment and I’m ready to push past that and push past the fear that’s been holding me back the past couple of years. It’s going to be a long process, but I’m thankful for the billionth chance to try again.


We were back to the daily grind today.

Luckily the 4:11 am wake up calls will be ending in just 7 days when it’s officially summer break (but really, who’s counting).

Some days it’s a lot harder than others to get out of bed. With my new training plan from Coach Jason he has me alternating longer runs with really short runs to fully let my legs recover. On the shorter run days I don’t usually eat or drink anything beforehand. I just get the coffee ready to brew, get lunches ready and scoop the cat box. You know, all the fun stuff. Ha ha. Then I suffer through the short miles just thinking about the coffee.

On longer run days I sometimes need a little something and I used to drink Vega Sport energizer, but they just came out with this new Vega CLEAN ENERGY.

2016-05-22 15.26.02

The have the CLEAN PROTEIN too, but I haven’t tried that yet. The CLEAN ENERGY though is awesome and it’s 100 calories, 80 mg caffeine and electrolytes that all come from clean, plant-based sources. It’s good stuff. I’ve seen it at Target and they have it on the Vega website.

2016-05-25 05.14.14

Post run, whether it’s short or long and actually even on mornings I’m not running I’ve been chugging Chef V green juice. I signed up for the weekly delivery after the cleanse and it’s so freaking awesome. It’s awesome both getting it delivered fresh to your doorstep by 5:30 am and starting every single day chugging greens.


Last week.

2016-05-20 18.43.10

This morning.

2016-05-31 06.29.57


I’m on week three of my training plan from Coach Jason and tomorrow is my first run that isn’t an EASY pace. It’s my first shot at some AT intervals. I’m not going to lie, I’m totally nervous and I don’t even really know my current interval pace, but I guess I’ll find out. Eeeeekkkkk……


So, to celebrate Global Running Day and my first official harder run, I finally signed up for the REVO₂LUTION RUNNING course so I can be a REVO₂LUTION RUNNINGTM Trainer. I’m pretty pumped! I get ACE credits and get to learn all of this:

You’ll learn:

• The physiological factors that influence running fitness and performance
• Specific workouts to increase VO₂max, raise the lactate threshold, and improve running economy
• How to design training programs for runners
• Proper running technique
• The secrets of avoiding running-related injuries
• Important training concepts to help your clients
• Nutrition for runners
• How to run for weight loss



I have a discount code to share if any of you are interested in becoming a REVO₂LUTION RUNNINGTM Trainer too. If anyone wants to do it soon, let me know because I need a study buddy. Seriously! Smile


Use the code KRISTINSTEHLY for 15% off the certification. You can read all about it and register HERE.



I haven’t talked about upcoming races in a really long time because, well, there aren’t many. I have the TCS New York City Marathon in November which is what I’m focusing on at the moment, but there are a couple other things going one to share.


This weekend is the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon & Half Marathon. I’ll be doing the 1/2 Sunday, but NOT racing. I’m not ready for that at all so I’m just hoping for some catch up time with friends and lots of laughs and shenanigans over 13.1 miles.


I randomly signed up for the San Diego TOWERthon after hearing about it from my friend Linda. All the proceeds go to homeless teens so it’s a great cause. I’ve never done anything like this before, but why wouldn’t I want to climb 20 stories high as many times as possible in 2 hours?

Climb to support San Diego’s young neighbors in need!
At Toussaint Academy, teens can transform their lives from homeless to college-bound with your support.

Downtown San Diego’s 550 Corporate Center stands 20 stories high. Your challenge is to climb as many flights as you can within a two hour period.

Go vertical! Sports enthusiasts of all ages and abilities are welcome and encouraged to participate. The San Diego TOWERthon will accommodate the following:
• Timed ELITE Sprint to start first – Open to all participants at no additional cost. How quickly can you sprint one time up?!?
• Two stairwells are available for safety – runners/walkers.
• Elevators are available for ride down.
• An elite start will provide competitive climbers a clear path in the stairwell.
• All participants are professionally timed and ranked by timing chips.
• Aid stations will be strategically placed in the stairwells during the event to ensure everyone stays hydrated during your climb to the 20th floor.

About Toussaint Academy
Since 1992, Toussaint Academy has been a haven for homeless and at-risk teens. At Toussaint, teens live and learn in a supportive group setting, gaining the life skills necessary to graduate high school and become self-sufficient, successful young adults.

Toussaint Academy is a partner agency of Father Joe’s Villages.

It was only $35 to register and my friend Linda has heard great things about it. Um, and by the way, she is an ELITE stair climber (I don’t think that’s the right term). How cool is that? I can’t wait to see her in action.


The AFC Half is coming up in August also. I love, love, love that race and it was actually the first half marathon I ever ran back in 2005 (I think that was the year).

This picture wasn’t my first time doing the race and I’m not exactly sure if this was before or after having the boys. Ha.


I do know I still have that tank and shorts though.


Okay, I better hit the sack so I have one less excuse to try to get out of my run tomorrow morning.

Global Running Day is awesome though.

(Warning- deep thoughts ahead.)

I was just telling someone today that I was never really a runner growing up. I mean, I ran in soccer, and would run in the park with my girlfriends in high school, but I was never a “runner”. I went to one cross country practice, felt like I was going to barf, barely make it back to the park where the run started and then never went back.

I was never a great athlete and I hated all contact sports. I had to work hard to just be so-so. But somehow later on in life I discovered the magic in running.

I started out barely being able to do 3 miles. My knees would hurt all the time and I would get these side aches that made me stop and walk regularly. I thought I just wasn’t cut out to be a runner either, but I liked the alone time and the challenge so I kept doing it.

Now, years later, I’ve grown to love it. It makes me a better person. It’s MY time. It’s never truly easy, but it’s mine and I feel good every time I get to go do it.

One of the best parts about it is sharing it with both my students and my own kids. I ALWAYS tell my students that ANYONE can be a runner.


Being able to run and be active as a family is just freaking awesome.

Getting to share that excitement of racing with the boys is such a blessing.

These pictures cost me way too much money, but they were too precious to not buy from the Junior Carlsbad races back in the beginning of April.

If I share them with you it makes me feel better about buying them. Kidding.

Seriously though, I can’t describe the feeling of having the boys get so excited to go run. Pure joy.


They even helped their little cousin do her very first Toddler Trot.


It just makes my heart melt.


And with that, I’m off.

Have a fabulous National Running Day!


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  1. 1
    Kimberly G says:

    I hope to see you at some point this weekend! If not, I’m also running the NYC Marathon so hope to see you there as well!

    I have seen the new Vega CLEAN products in Target. I really want to try them but I’m trying to get through what I currently have first!

  2. 2
    Linda Viner says:

    So great you are going to do the Towerthon! You will rock it!!!
    The photos of the boys are so cute!!

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