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The Not so Great Training Update and What’s Happening in the Kitchen

The Not so Great Training Update and What’s Happening in the Kitchen


I started this post about a week ago. I was all excited to talk about how well training had been going and was proud that I had had two solid weeks under my belt of good running and workouts.

Well, things have changed since then. I haven’t been by the computer because each time I think I can sneak away just for a little bit of time the boys need something and I just can’t let myself do it. Yesterday I had big plans to write a post, but then Judah asked if I would play Star Wars with him. There’s no way I was saying “no” to that. In a couple years he’ll want nothing to do with me, right?


Okay, so training recap first.

Well, I’m still fighting really hard just to get back into a good running groove and at this point to be able to run pain free at a decent speed. I had a two good weeks of running both around35- 40 miles each week. I really thought I was coming back until I tweaked my back and that has made my good hip all out of whack. So for the past week I’ve been walking with a bit of a limp and taking it really easy hoping it will go away on it’s own. Gosh darn it can be frustrating. My whole plan this summer was to get back into running training big time, but life had other plans.

I’m not going to keep complaining or making excuses though. No one wants to hear that, right? I’m working on being patient and doing what I CAN do. I will say though that I am very fearful that my days of racing and running long distances might just in fact be coming to an end.

On a lighter note, I do have to say that my cross training of getting enough sleep is really on point. Man that 4:00 am wake up call is going to be rough when it comes around in just a few days because we just keep sleeping in later and later over here.

My last long run outside was over a week and a half ago and was 9 miles. I was all bent out of shape when I got my new plan from Coach Jason, but then when I actually went for that run I was really thankful.

2016-08-05 09.00.19

My last good treadmill run was also 9 miles last Monday. My week started out pretty solid (sweaty, but solid), but didn’t end up so well after that.

2016-08-08 10.20.54

Right now I’m focusing on elliptical time, adding more strength (especially core strength), spinning and pool running which I had to resort to last night.

2016-08-15 18.15.29 HDR

Man is that ever boring, but getting to play with the boys after and soak up the last bit of summer rays is just brilliant.

2016-08-15 17.53.53


When I get frustrated or down on myself I just need to remember that we’re all different and I really shuold just be thankful I can do the things I can do. I found this old picture while organizing and it put things into perspective a little bit.

2016-08-11 15.04.38-1

I spent a year in that brace. Mom and I were trying to figure out the exact time if it was before surgery or after and we think it was both. I had Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. The hip specialist told me a few years ago that to avoid major surgery I was going to have to change my lifestyle a bit and become a recreational runner. As much as I’ve fought against that, I think the clock is ticking so I’ll take things day by day.

Twice last week the boys and I went for a hike in the morning. The first time we just drove around and tried to find a cool place. Luckily we found one and luckily we had our Spy Gear Walkie Talkies.

2016-08-10 09.26.27-1

At first we thought the highlight was going to be the huge horse poop we saw.

2016-08-10 09.28.44

We were okay with that.

2016-08-10 09.32.46

But then we found a cool little quiet stream.

2016-08-10 09.45.55

We loved it so much we decided to go back again this morning with Bear.

2016-08-11 12.11.22 HDR

And we brought our net.

2016-08-11 12.38.04-1

We’ve been trying to get out of the house more because it’s tough at home at the end of the summer. There’s always something and the minute I clean one room the next one is a mess. Never a dull moment with these “secret spies”.

2016-08-04 14.23.35-1


Around the kitchen-

I make chicken in the crock pot regularly. This week is was a Chinese flavored and I added a couple drops of doTERRA Ginger and Clove to the chicken broth along with Chinese Five Spice seasoning and garlic.

2016-08-04 10.13.40

It turned out delightful.


I’ve been making the new STUFT Seedy Bread weekly.

2016-08-07 13.04.28

When I’m pressed for time I make a quick breakfast sandwich with turkey bacon (from Costco) and microwaved egg whites.

2016-08-08 11.26.58-1

When I have a little more time on my hands I do it up with a soft boiled egg, some guacamole and turkey bacon on the side.

2016-08-07 13.22.04

Mmmmm hmm…..


We got a Yonanas machine sent to us to review.

2016-08-08 07.03.37

Truth be told I’ve been wanting one of these for a pretty long time.

We tried it out last week. Our first attempt went pretty well.

2016-08-08 13.36.02

We quickly figured out that you need more than just one frozen banana to make a decent amount of the banana soft serve.

2016-08-08 13.41.28

We also figured out it’s pretty great topped with a little healthy chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Ha ha.

2016-08-08 13.39.00

The machine is super easy to use and to clean. I’m all about that. It’s also important to follow the little guide they give you for the YoZone.

2016-08-09 12.33.06

The bananas have to thawed for about 5-10 minutes, but not any more than that. We’re getting the hang of it around here.


You can add in frozen berries and such too, but we haven’t gotten that adventurous quite yet. Maybe today is the day. Ha ha.

A new snack that’s made a comeback lately too is roasted plantains.

2016-08-10 16.11.03

I used to eat these all the time and had forgotten how amazing they are. Mmmm hmm…. here is my post from way back when on the how-to.


Okay, well, I’m off to hit up the elliptical with my favorite ladies.

2016-08-15 08.34.47

She says she needs coffee to start her day “coffee, coffee, coffee”. Can anyone else relate?


Sharing a bunch or random favorites and a easy single serve paleo cracker recipe later this week! Woot!

Have a wonderful day!





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  1. 1
    Dawn Rambles says:

    It’s amazing how a single picture can put things in perspective and snap you back to the reality of today. Looks like Bear was enjoying the water. lol

  2. 2
    Kathy says:

    You have accomplished so much already after having the hip issue all your life….(more than many people who have never had such an issue for sure). Good thing you are so energetic…looks like you need it to keep up with their spy adventures and their water hole treks….never a dull moment. **But thats a good thing right?!**

    I tried to make the bread…tweaking it with some ingredients I had on hand…major fail!! ha! Might just have been the first thing my kiddos didn’t even WANT to try…ha! And whenever I “bake” something they always come running to the kitchen…this time they did and left. For once though I couldn’t eat it either. I need to follow your recipe exactly next time.


    • 2.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      You are too kind friend.
      Okay so what happened with the bread? I’m so sorry it didn’t work out! Shoot. Now I’ll have to post another recipe. He he.

      • Kathy says:

        Just tasted my second attempt using ALL THE EXACT ingredients….much better!! And its a bread I get to enjoy alone b/c the rest of the family were so/so on it..ha! Fine by me!! 😉

  3. 3
    eliz says:

    I’m not a competitive runner, but I love running. At the beginning of this year I herniated a disc in my back the L5 S1. Not sure how the injury happened, but I did already have degeneration in that disc, maybe both because of genetics and aging, I’m 44. My orthopedist told be that 20-25 miles running per week is a good amount at my age and I was running 50-70/week before, so it has been a big change. Honestly, I’m just happy not to be in pain anymore. I had bad sciatica and couldn’t sit for weeks. I few days I was in the worst pain of my life and could barely move and needed prescription pain killers. The disc was pressing on my nerve. I never had back pain, it was all from the left hip down the leg and I still have some numbness in the foot and calf. I’ve been slowly getting back to running, I think I started running a little bit at the end of May. I’ve been running every other day, sometimes every day if it feels okay, but my runs have been under 5 miles so far and all off the pavement, now pavement makes my calf tighten up and I used to do most of my running the highway. Anyway, not sure why I’m writing all this, but I want you to take care of yourself and I hope you can find a satisfying workout routine that is good for your body and mind.

    • 3.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Thanks so much for writing this Elizabeth. Oh my goodness, that’s exactly what I feel. I know it’s my back, but i feel it down my hip. What kind of therapy and treatment did you do? I realize my days of piling on the miles might be over, but I just want to be able to run a few without pain. 🙂

      • nataie says:

        Im curious if the prolotherapy worked for you for dysplasia? I an 36 and have run marathons and just found out I have a labral tear and a paralabral cyst. Surgery was not recommended at this point. I am researching options. thanks for any ideas

        • STUFT Mama says:

          YES! And… it was the ONLY thing that did. I was pretty much told that I would never be able to run again and after prolotherapy and taking some time off running I was back at it!!!!!!!! The second time I went through it I had a labral tear too. I would recommend it to anyone.

  4. 4
    eliz says:

    There was nothing to do, but give it time and get back to walking/running slow and easy when it felt okay. I actually got worse about a month in. I had some bad months, but I made it through! Wasn’t sure I ever would. Took around 6 months until I could start running again, but I was able to use a NordicTrack ski machine and ride a cruiser bike before that and I would have been swimming laps, but wasn’t an option where I live. I got an MRI to confirm the herniated disc, but my dr knew what it was from my symptoms and previous xray showing some disc degeneration(I was worried about my hips, since my dad and aunt have had both hips replaced, but my hips were strong on xray). I wasn’t having any pain at all running all those miles, in fact, I had been feeling strong for quite a while, and then this just happened. I did carry my heaviest dog down the stairs one day, but I really don’t know if that was a factor or not.

    I didn’t go to PT because I live in the boonies. I took a week of steroids, but not sure that helped. Next thing to try would have been steroid shots, but I decided to put that off since I was getting better, not sure if it would have helped me heal faster or not.

    I said I couldn’t sit for weeks, but I meant months. I got in the car for an hour one day and had the worst pain of my life the next day. Most of the time lying flat was good, but I would go back and forth to my bed, trying to get things done, because it was aching and pinching so much I could only stand so long. Only good thing, was I slept well at night most of the time, although I had to start sleeping only on my back, side sleeping was too uncomfortable.

    I’m running without pain now, but trying to be cautious and not overdo anything, am trying to do as little as possible and still feel good, but as I get stronger, I want to do more. I can do pretty much everything now, take care of my big veg garden, walk the dogs, run, yoga, bike, cannot collect firewood and am careful about lifting and some other things, but I’m feeling better than I have for 7 months. Anyway, maybe its a good thing that I’ve cut back on my miles, since I want to stay active for a long time and I don’t have the best feet either, so the high miles on pavement were probably not a good idea. My feet actually shrunk a lot when I couldn’t use them much, which is also good because they seemed to be getting bigger and bigger every year and I wear a size 12!

    Sounds like you have a few things going on with the hip dysplasia and maybe some disc degeneration? Everyone has a different body, but I guess we have to do what is best for our body. For athletes, not always easy to listen to our bodies. What do you think will be best for you? What drives you to run the marathons? My dr runs on a treadmill because he says its easier on his body, so you are doing well there.

  5. 5
    Natalie says:

    Hi I found your blog through searching prolotherapy to help dysplasia and labrum in hip. Is the prolo helping? My hip has been pretty stable until a few months ago. I’m 36 stopped running but I wanna keep walking and hiking. Any tips? I asked a prolozone doc and he had not heard it could help.

  6. 6
    Aimee Miller says:

    Hi Kristin…which Bob videos are you using when mentioned… Saw a few on Amazon and can’t decide…. Mind over matter running on a stress fractured foot and the matter is winning

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