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The Last Day of the Year, My Favorite Discount, a New Year’s Cleanse and a Jamba Juice Gift Card Giveaway

The Last Day of the Year, My Favorite Discount, a New Year’s Cleanse and a Jamba Juice Gift Card Giveaway


Oh my word. Can you believe this is that last day of the year? Where the heck has this year gone?

The winner of the Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card is Kelly C. Woot!

Stay tuned though friends because there’s another giveaway here!


So many people are doing the whole year in review on Instagram and such, but I’m not sure if my heart is into doing that. I’m kind of ready to just move on and start a new year. I mean, this year has been wonderful with so many ups and downs and life lessons, but it’s been a tough one on me and I’m really ready to just start a new one with a clear set of goals and new priorities. You know?


Let’s play catch up first before we talk about the new year, shall we?

I forgot to tell you that the Monday before Christmas the boys and I went to the post office to ship some things and get a few last minute packages and stamps and such. Well, we saw the local news out there. I was really not looking my finest and I told the boys that I had a feeling they were going to try to talk to us.

Well, on our way out the nice man, Jared, approached me and asked it he could ask me a few questions. I wanted to run away, but instead I said yes. He miked me all up and everything. Pretty funny. Here’s the link to the short clip.

Ugh. The very next day was the day I got my hair done and told her to really help me out. Ha ha.


Okay, moving on.

Since I’m still in recovery mode and taking things easy with my hip and the healing stress fracture and such, I’ve been choosing sleeping in rather than getting up early to get my workout done before anyone wakes up. My workouts have been a good mix of elliptical time and strength, but have been relatively short. Just enough to get it done. And I haven’t been alone.

2016-12-22 12.10.57

And yes, sometimes I have been in my pajamas while they build LEGOS.

2016-12-20 08.37.58


Other than my home workouts I’ve walked Bear and been teaching at the gym.

2016-12-29 13.05.58

I was going to attempt a few miles outside yesterday morning and while I was telling the boys Judah sighed, turned over, got out of his cozy bed and said, “I’m coming with you.” My heart just about melted.

2016-12-30 08.55.19

We didn’t even make it a mile, but it was still fabulous.

I got my first actual jogging miles in on the treadmill afterwards and did my annual watching on Love Actually.

2016-12-30 18.33.53

It already feels like Christmas was so long ago which is so strange to me. I hope you had a magical Christmas.

2016-12-25 10.56.11

Ours was amazing, but full of random not so great things happening as well. One of them being poor Joaquin getting bit in the face by a dog on Christmas morning. No, NOT our dog.  This guy is rocks.

2016-12-23 16.20.00

So does this guy. Ha ha.

2016-12-28 15.31.03

We’ve been having our fair share of coffee and hot cocoa the past couple of weeks. There was one secret Starbucks stop with just the two of us, but only because it was right next to the cleaners where we were picking up clothes.

2016-12-23 16.41.41-1

Other than that it’s been daily morning cheers in pajamas.

2016-12-26 07.35.35

Speaking of morning cheers, I’ve been doing the whole SunButter in coffee with Vital Proteins collagen and Nutpods creamer daily.

2016-12-22 08.20.522016-12-22 08.21.13

The boys turned 7 on Wednesday. It seems like just yesterday they were little babies.

2016-12-28 16.32.31

I got an Instant Pot for Christmas from the hubs (along with a sweatshirt that says “Always Running Late”).

2016-12-30 13.36.01

I have definitely taken the hint and need some fun things to try in this Instant Pot. I’ve been wanting one for so long, but now that I have it I’m a little intimidated. I’ve got some work to do.


Before we get to the giveaway I have to pass along my favorite deal that’s out there right now. It’s from Handful and it’s awesome.


Heck yes you can save a ton of money! Woot!

I’m currently obsessed with the Handful Flippin’ Long Sleeve Shirt. I may need to stock up for the new year with these discounts.



We’re doing a really awesome doTERRA New Year Cleanse with our team.



I’m really excited about it! It starts January 16th and you’ll get everything you need for 30 days.

Your program will include:

– Natural supplements and vitamins to fuel and reset your body and shed toxins

– Support & guidance during your 30 day journey

– Education on why cleansing your body 3-4x a year is KEY for optimal health

– Food guidance and recommendations (not required to follow but very much encouraged for optimal results)

– Health tips & tricks to staying your best no matter what age or stage of life you


Join us HERE.

Feel free to email me with any questions or anything too. I’m pumped!


My personal goals for 2017 aren’t down on paper just yet (I still have a few more hours to get that done), but taking time to do devotionals at night is one of them. I came across this last night.

2016-12-30 23.00.40

How awesome is that? Finding the strength to start all over again is that hardest part sometimes, isn’t it?


Okay and finally, before I say good bye for the year of 2016, I have a little something for you.

We got sent a really sweet package and gift card from Jamba Juice.

2016-12-18 19.44.092016-12-18 19.46.582016-12-18 19.49.20

They also gave us some extra $10 gift cards to give away.

2016-12-31 06.36.42

Fun, right?


I loved reading your comments on the last giveaway and your fitness goals for 2017 so now I want to hear about a personal goal of yours.

Mine is to start saying “no” more often, give myself 20 minutes in the morning to plan out the day and do my devotional, be more kind to myself and others, stop eating so much sugar (the cleanse will give me a good start for that) and make more healthy family meals with my Instant Pot.


Speaking of goals, I came across this last night.

2016-12-30 23.00.40

How awesome is that? Finding the strength to start all over again is that hardest part sometimes, isn’t it?


To enter the giveaway, leave me a comment below with a personal goal or two of yours.

*This is not a sponsored giveaway, I just have 4 extra gift cards they sent me and I want to give them to you.

*Giveaway ends 1/3 at 11:59 PM and winners will be chosen at random.

Have a wonderful New Year and I’ll see you on the other side! Let’s let 2017 be a year we are proud of!

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  1. 1
    Suzie says:

    My goal is to take it easy on myself this year!

  2. 2
    cass says:

    my goal is to spend half an hour each night reading

  3. 3
    Jennifer richey says:

    A couple goals this year:

    *to stay the course on healing my body
    *to be on stage for a figure show again

  4. 4
    Samantha says:

    How lovely! I don’t even love that author much, but that is a fantastic quote. My BIG change is that I am done trying to go to school. This is a good thing. 🙂 I have heard amazing things about the instapot! You will have to post on progress with it. Have a great new year! Sam

    • 4.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Hello lovely to YOU! 🙂 I like your goal and I have to confess that the instant pot is still in the box. Shhhh……
      Send me your mailing address and I’ll get your Jamba Juice Gift Card to you. 🙂 You’re a winner!

  5. 5
    HS says:

    My goal is to control what I can, let go of what I can’t.

  6. 6
    Natasha says:

    Reading a chapter or so of a book each morning since I wake up so early anyway. Otherwise I either don’t read at all or fall asleep a few pages in if I read at night.

  7. 7
    LeeAnn says:

    My goals are to get a new job and do even better with my newfound plant based lifestyle! Happy New Year, Kristen!

    • 7.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      These goals are awesome LeeAnn! 🙂
      You’re one of the winners of the gift card! YAY! Email me your mailing address and I’ll send it to you! (kristin@stuftfitness.com)

  8. 8
    Kathy says:

    Eat better…Eat better….Eat better

    That poor guy….I see his cheek and what appears to be the dog bite…how scary! Hope he doesn’t have a permanent scar.

  9. 9
    Karen says:

    my goal this year is to find the joy again in racing: I miss it and due to burnout have taken time off. I want to find that drive again

  10. 10
    Natalie says:

    I am currently pregnant with our first baby, so my goal this year is to slow down and focus on being the best mama I can to our baby boy!

    • 10.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      That is exactly what you should be doing! If I could do it all over again I would have slowed down much earlier than I did. 🙂
      You won the gift card BTW. Woo hoo! Email me your mailing address and I’ll get it sent out to you! When are you due?

  11. 11
    Kris says:

    My goal is to make time for myself !

  12. 12
    Katie B says:

    My goal is to make sleep more of a priority so that I average 7 hours a night. When I’m busy, sleep is the first thing I sacrifice, and I like to tell myself that I don’t need to sleep. However, I know that I am much happier (and healthier!) when I sleep more.

  13. 13
    Jennai says:

    Two personal goals are to really stay on top of portion control when eating and the other is to drink more water!

  14. 14
    Jen says:

    My goal is to focus on my eating — that always slips around the holidays and I’m looking forward to getting back on track!

  15. 15
    Amie says:

    My goal is to run/exercise consistently 4 days/week and to eat more mindfully.

  16. 16
    paige c says:

    my goal is to make it to yoga 2-3 times a week to help deal with my stress!

  17. 17
    Carlee McDot says:

    My main goal is to listen to my body and get back to 100% health…

  18. 18

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! I love all the family pics always!!! AND THAT QUOTE!!!!!!! Yes to that!

    HUGE HUGS! I am hoping for a better 2017 for so many of us!

  19. 19
    Annette says:

    My goals for 2017: finish the DIY/remodeling projects I started in 2016 and to cook more/order out less.

  20. 20
    Deb E says:

    I have a few fitness goals but one of my personal goals is to complete a 6 weeks journaling course on spiritual growth and hopefully it becomes a habit. I’m getting a Bible journaling kit in the mail, hopefully soon, and this will help even more to make it fun and memorable. I already keep a daily journal so hopefully it won’t be such a stretch.

  21. 21
    Tess Moore says:

    Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to the boys!!!! Loved the T.V. segment….movie star 😉 Love even more the quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald…powerful.

    2017: I hope to RECEIVE all the good things the universe has to offer…..I must be open to seeing the good, the abundance, the health and the happiness that God has provide.

  22. 22
    Megan says:

    My goals are to focus more on my healthy eating habits and getting more sleep! I’d also like to work on some money budgeting. I’ve never been very good at that.

  23. 23
    Nikki Nikki says:

    I just want to be a healthy person. I need to heal my bones

  24. 24
    Abby says:

    My personal goal is to “be present” when I am with my kids and husband. I need to put down the phone and stop scrolling through instagram! And my personal running goal is sub 1:40 half.

  25. 25
    Erica says:

    Happy New Year. My goal is to find balance and slow down. I’ve had some health issues most recently which I believe were partly stress related along with a new health diagnosis. Slowing down and finding balance are a must to control my life and ultimately my health. I must make both a priority.

  26. 26
    Laura says:

    My goals are pretty simple and I’m sure you can relate to them:

    1) stay healthy and injury free
    2) run more just for fun (without all the stress of trying to PR every time)

    Happy new year!

  27. 27
    Krystal Dunlap says:

    My goals for this year are to drink more water and to not sweat the small stuff.

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