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January Update

January Update


Well what do you know we’re in the middle of the month already. How did that happen?


I notified the winners of the Jamba Juice Gift Cards on my last post.



Before I get into some running news and stuff like that, I feel like I need to confess two things to you. First of all my Christmas gift from the hubby, the Instant Pot, that I’m super excited about is still in the box. I’m not proud and I really, REALLY need to get it out and experiment, but man, we have just been “go, go, go” since being back at school and work and I haven’t made time to do it.

I DID however paint the boys room all by myself which I realized was a terrible idea about 5 minutes into it. Last weekend I finally just threw in the towel with my mediocre painting job and figured they’re boys and don’t care and are going to ruin it anyway. Ha ha.

We did purchase some pretty cool Fathead stickers though to distract from my bad painting job.

Photo Jan 08, 8 26 50 AMPhoto Jan 13, 5 38 43 PM

Cool right? Yes, we went with the Star Wars theme. It’s much better than the pale yellow baby room we had for 7 years. See.

2017-01-01 14.23.18

Oh yes, and you better believe a lot of Motivate went down during my “little” project. Ha.


I have not made use of the Instant Pot just yet, but I did throw together pizzas with string cheese the other night by request from the boys. Impressive, yes I know.

Photo Jan 10, 6 59 26 PM


Really though, this year is off to a good start.

I’ve stuck to my goal of starting the day with a short “power hour” (which is really about a half hour) and some devotional time before my morning workout. This is my morning devotional of choice. I bought it on Amazon after seeing someone else post about it on Instagram.

2017-01-01 20.56.58

It usually looks a little something like this at 4:30 am.

Photo Jan 08, 8 21 16 AM

We’ve been all about the probiotics with being back to school and everyone else being sick.

The boys love these flavored packets that they just sprinkle on their tongue from doTERRA.

2017-01-03 18.23.20

I’ve always taken probiotics, but have recently added daily kombucha drinking and yes, I have the hubby on his nightly probiotics also.

I’ve also added in these Vega vitamins for those days when I’m really fatigued or around lots of sick kids.

Photo Jan 16, 8 02 35 AM

I spotted this new Vega protein flavor at Target the other night.

Photo Jan 07, 2 35 43 PM

I didn’t buy it, but am really excited to try it. That might have to be my next one. I’m currently obsessed with the sport vanilla one, but you can’t go wrong with coconut almond, right?


Although we were all hesitant to go back to school, the first two weeks have been a success.

2017-01-06 15.23.59

Interesting, I’m just now realizing that is a light switch drawing. Hmmm….


Joaquin finally lost his first took and it happened at school. He’s the older twin by 14 minutes and has been waiting and waiting to lose his first tooth since Judah (the younger brother) has already lost 6.

Photo Jan 09, 2 48 07 PM

We took a new route for practicing spelling words this past week.

Photo Jan 10, 6 34 38 PM

We haven’t got the tests back yet, but if they did well we may just be on to something. I actually tried to have them spell the words in shaving cream on the wall first, but that didn’t work out so well so we turned to flash cards.


Okay, so let’s talk running.

I told myself this past week was decision week as to whether or not I was going to try to get to any of the races that are on my schedule this year or just embrace this new non racing life I’ve recently become accustomed to. I really thought after a week of dabbling with some runs and lots and lots of prayers that all the answers would come to me.

Well, they haven’t. So, I’m giving myself one more week to figure it out and let my body kind of tell me how it feels about running. I’m really okay with both sides of the road, the non running side and the running side. Either way I’ll be fine and happy, but I just wish I knew if I should get to Boston one last time, you know? I kind of want it a little more each day, but at the same time am totally okay if it’s not meant to be and I already had my three consecutive Boston Marathons and that’s that.


Yes, that’s a lot going on in my head and I don’t think anyone wants to be there. Ha. Too bad, I’m bringing you all in. You get to go on this journey of discovery with me to figure out if it’s time to close that door or not.

So, last week was really the first solid week of runs since July. They were all short and somewhere between a 9:20-10:00 mile pace. Most of them were on the treadmill with Bad Moms and Parenthood for entertainment.

Photo Jan 09, 5 26 45 AM

I got to break in these bad boys. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 13s. They are freaking fabulous! They will always be my go to shoe.

I did get to venture out for two four mile runs outside which also hadn’t been done since July.

Photo Jan 14, 11 07 12 AMPhoto Jan 15, 11 31 00 AM

It was such a weird feeling to just run outside again.


I ran a total of around 24 miles last week. I’m not really keeping track as I’m just feeling things out and taking it day by day, but I’m going to keep testing the waters this week and see what happens. I think maybe next Sunday should be decision day.

Photo Jan 12, 9 59 29 AM

We’ll see.


With the return of some more running comes the return of Frieda’s Stokes purple sweet potatoes with NuttZo.

Photo Jan 16, 1 57 52 PM

They are at Trader Joe’s for the first time ever (for a limited time only). If you have a Trader Joe’s near by it’s big news! Smile


I’m putting this picture in here because it looks like a purple sweet potato, but in fact is Daddy’s wooden bird that Bear got his mouth on the other day. He really knows how to ruin things around here.

Photo Jan 12, 3 45 17 PM


Two things I’m leaving you with…

My new lotion routine is adding a couple drops of essential oil to this hand and body lotion so I can get the added benefits of the oils all day instead of using those other scented lotions.

Photo Jan 10, 6 27 55 AM

My current rotation is Passion, Whisper and Balance. It all kind of depends on the day ahead and how I’m feeling.


Let’s go tackle this short week, shall we?


Photo Jan 14, 7 17 00 AM

You are beautiful! Thanks for being here!

Have a good one!

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  1. 1

    Oh how I wish I could run with you soon. I could maybe actually keep up! And I think I need to get some of those probiotics from you for my kids!

  2. 2
    Natasha says:

    “So, last week was really the first solid week of runs since July”….ha, ha…I read this wrong at first and thought it was a bit TMI (:

    Also, FYI I studied for a really hard algebra test in the bathtub once and got my only 100% in the class all year. You might just be on to something!

  3. 3

    how do you get your coffee so frothy?it looks amazing!!!

  4. 4
    Lesley says:

    I laughed about the tooth thing with your twins and the spelling in the bath tub too- my twins loved to do spelling word practice in the tub. More time to play when they were done.
    And the teeth thing is so crazy, the older twin by 13 min got her second tooth when she was 18 months old while her younger brother had 10 teeth already. They were the same for losing baby teeth later also.
    I have a couple goals this year, 1 is a running one but I also am fully embracing the idea of doing what feels good for me each day. Have an adventure, less pressure. Run just because you love to run and if it is going well, register for something. You have time so don’t put that pressure on yourself. It is your time to unwind, relax, have your own time right? Embrace being healthy, having an adventure and have fun!

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