Being Brave and I’m Just Not That Smart Sometimes


  Hello hello! Hope you had a wonderful weekend so far.   I taught boot camp Saturday morning and braved the Southern California cold weather and all. I love it more for the company that the workout sometimes. It’s so fun to get together and chat our way through burpees and such. Ha. We do [...]

The Perfect Friday Night


  I worked three weeks, now I’m officially on winter break for two weeks. I wish the schedule would be like that permanently. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Ha ha. I’m so excited to be on break. I’m giving up a lot of my usual holiday business to just spend time with the boys. We’re making [...]

Trying to Impress With Socks and Sock Sweaters


  I made the executive decision to sleep in this morning. I was a little disappointed in myself, but my sleep has been seriously lacking and I decided that was more important than getting on the treadmill at 5:00 am. I taught two classes at the gym tonight though (HIIT and group strength training). That [...]

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