Trying to Impress With Socks and Sock Sweaters


  I made the executive decision to sleep in this morning. I was a little disappointed in myself, but my sleep has been seriously lacking and I decided that was more important than getting on the treadmill at 5:00 am. I taught two classes at the gym tonight though (HIIT and group strength training). That [...]

Thursday Tips and All You Need is a Minute For This Workout (Literally)


  Why hello! Lot’s to catch up on, but so little time so I’ll try to be really efficient with this. (“Try” is the key word there.) I’ve somehow managed to keep up the early morning workouts. HOnestly I don’t remember what I ran yesterday, but I wrote it down somewhere and today I had [...]

The Big STUFT Silk Protein Sugar Cookie


I thought my Mondays were crazy before. Really, I had no idea what crazy was. This new schedule has put things in a whole new perspective. I got in an easy run on the treadmill this morning and finished off the long day at the gym teaching a couple classes. It’s pretty safe to say [...]

Running Therapy and Scenes From the Weekend


  I got in a couple runs over the weekend. Friday’s early morning treadmill run was cut short and had some intruders. Saturday I took the morning particularly easy and stayed in my pajamas and cheapo robe for as long as possible. It was rainy so I cancelled boot camp and got extra snuggle time [...]

A Mile Short, Weight Thoughts and I Need Cheap Cozy Socks For Sweaters


  This morning I was supposed to do 9 miles. Too bad the snooze button finally won the battle and I got a late start. I cut the run a mile short and to be honest my head and my body just weren’t in it. Oh well. You win some and you lose some. I [...]

Finding the Time, Run-Fit Specialist and Some Throw Back STUFT Holiday Videos


  I have been saving a lot of time not taking pictures of food and not working out so much during the day. I had to give up quite a few of my classes with this new job and such. It’s actually been really nice just fitting in what I can on my own in [...]

What I’ve Been Eating Wednesday and the New Vega One


  I’m not going to pretend that the 4:30 am wake up is fun, but having the run done first thing before the day actually starts is so worth it. My leg really looks weird in that picture. Hence the whole trying to blur it. Ha. Nothing to hide friends. Not these days. This morning’s [...]

A Case of the Mondays and a Some Pretty Great Decorating


  Today was a bit rough. Getting up to get the early morning run in was a little harder than expected and then the day just didn’t quite go as planned. I managed to get through one of my harder workouts for the week though from Coach Jason. After a couple warm up miles (and [...]

New Family Additions and a Pro Compression Women’s Tights GIVEAWAY


  Let’s say Sunday was a pretty awesome day that started out just like this. We left the house to do some grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, but other than that stayed put and hung out. Heck yes we got dressed up to go shopping. Ha ha. Kidding. Sundays are now officially laundry days. So, [...]

I Have a Whole New Appreciation For Weekends


  Good morning. What do you know, after only a week of getting up at 4:30 am everyday for the new gig when 5:45 am rolls around on Sunday it feels like you’re sleeping in. That’s just glorious. Ha ha. I’m sure I’m just still on the first week high, but things are going so [...]

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