A Few Costco Finds, a Scam and a Scare

  Hey! Happy Wednesday! Just stopping by really quick this morning. My little early morning “helpers” are off to school and I’m on a “race” of my own to see what I can get done around the house before I have to pick them up. I’m treating this week as a bit of a recovery […]

Still Feeling the Heat- Dehydration, Fire Trucks and Spices

  Ugh. Well, yeah, it’s still hot here, but I think yesterday’s 20 mile run in the heat did a number on me. I’m a little out of it today. Super tired, bloated, foggy head, you know, all the fun stuff. Ha. I don’t know a ton about dehydration as I’ve never suffered from it […]

Monday Motivation- Cool Socks, Sleep, No More Waiting and Follow Your Heart

  Just stopping by really quick in my crazy day for a little motivation. Sometimes Mondays we all could use a little extra, yes?   Workout so far today: Taught a HIIT class at the new gym. My camera man forced me to take a few pictures afterwards. Don’t neglect your core friends. A plank […]

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