Friday Chat and Comfort Food- Sweet Potato Sausage Bake

  Hi Friends! Happy Friday! I feel like I have a whole bunch of random things to fill you in on this afternoon, so let’s just pretend we’re having happy hour together and I’ll do just that, yes? First off, I started this morning with a strong cinnamon coconut café Americano. Actually, this is the […]

The Monkey and a Bunch of Tuesday Evening Randomness

  Good evening. How’s it going? I had four choices just now- take a nap, start packing, do some more baking or write a blog post. Obviously I narrowed it down to baking or blogging right away and since I baked away yesterday, I chose to write. You’re welcome? I’ve got plenty of time to […]

Another Date and a Little Pin-Spiration

  Hey friends! So um, yeah, I’ve got an early date with my best friend Bob and I’m already up way too late. Not good. We’re taping three workouts in a row this time and I’m keeping my fingers crossed I’m in all three. I really better get some stinking sleep. So I guess you’re […]

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