Random Food and Answering Some Tumor and Hip Questions


  This morning’s workout was half an hour practicing new KettleWorx choreography for tonight and 45 minutes of some sporadic intervals on the spin bike. Yeah, I had to relocate the clean clothes to an empty laundry basket first. Ha ha. Tonight I taught KettleWorx and a HIIT class at the gym. On my way [...]

My “Long Run”, Chia Pet Secret and Errands


  Hi friends! Hope you had a fabulous weekend!   My attempt to use my cross training cardio as my “long run” this morning went over pretty well. I set out for 2.5 hours of sustained cardio effort. As much as I wanted to stay in bed with these two, I got out and got [...]

Weekend Shares


  Happy Saturday! Naturally since there’s only a couple hours to enter the Vega One giveaway for the HUGE prize package I’m eating some STUFT Vega One Pumpkin Protein Dip. Mmm hmm…. You can keep using the code StuftMama on the Vega website for 20% off.   Oh and today is the last day of [...]

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