Things That Just Rock Right Now


  There are quite a few, but for the interest of time for all of us I’ll just hit up the really good things at the moment. I wrote up my own training plan for the Surf City Marathon. It’s 11 weeks away so that gives me some time to build up strength and speed. [...]

I’m Not Sure Which Was Harder


  I have a couple of race recaps to get up on here as I ran a half marathon both last Sunday and yesterday, but this isn’t one quite yet. (Thanks to Pavement Runner for the picture form last week’s race.) I have to be honest though, I think being on my own for a [...]

Posting From the Camera Roll Yet Again


  And… it’s November. There has been so much happening over here that I’ve been doing what I can to just keep my head above water (or try to at least). The hubs let me to go bed at 8:00 pm last night (yes on a Saturday night) while he and the boys watch a [...]

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