I’m Such a Pretender


  Me. Yes. Me. Yesterday I pretended I led a very simple life. It was fun. I brushed off work and pending deadlines and decided they could wait. I actually think I’m going to do that more often. I actually think  I just need to start saying “no” more often. We all say that though [...]

From the Stairway to the Roast


  Why hello. I faced one of those two fears today head on. And I do mean HEAD ON. That was mile 3. This was around mile 7 or so I think. It’s all kind of a blur. Friends, the Stairway to Heaven is no joke. I’ll get a full recap up soon as now [...]

Two Things I Fear at the Moment


  The first one is this.   This Stairway to Heaven business is going down shortly and to say I’m a little scared is a bit of an understatement. I think they’re trying to scare us  with this picture though. I’m not doing it to race. I’m doing it for the experience, to try something [...]

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