Trying to Impress Guests and the Weekly Mail


  Well hello friends. Happy Friday! We’ve had company this week so we’ve been busy entertaining them. We rarely have company, but my sweet college roommate and her kiddos braved the STUFT house for a couple days. We’ll see if they ever come back. Ha ha. We tried our best to show them a good [...]

Showing TJ’s Up, Summer Hair and Father’s Day S’mores


  Hi! This week has been a cut back week in my marathon training which seems funny because I’ve only been following this new plan for 3 weeks and then there’s a cut back week, but I’m going by the book this time. Yesterday’s run was 12 miles outside and today’s run was 6 miles [...]

Kicking Off the Summer


  HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, all caps and all the exclamation marks are needed. It’s summer and I can’t stop smiling. Weeee…..   Let’s see. Workouts this past week were just getting in what I could. I got my mileage in, but failed to do my one hard workout that was in the plan. I kept putting [...]

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