The Mermaid Winner, Positive Thoughts and Workout Friends and Moves


  The winner of the Mermaid San Diego Half Marathon entry is #12 Erika. Yay! Heck yes you better face your fears friend.   Email me and I’ll get the details to you.   This morning didn’t go quite as planned. I can’t run at all at the moment due to hip pain. Things haven’t [...]

A Humbling Time, Surrendering and the Best Use for Space Blankets


  And hello. I’ve got a bazillion deep thoughts going on at the moment and a very painful throbbing hip that I’m not really ready to discuss, but I ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon this morning. I kind of knew going in that I still just wasn’t in the racing mindset. Last year did me [...]

Finally Counting Things Up


  Hello! Whelp, today was supposed to be rest day, but unfortunately yesterday ended up being one so today I had to drag myself out of bed and try to get some speed on the treadmill. I wasn’t really feeling it so I went slower than I was supposed to with my training plan, but [...]

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