He’s Back and Some Running Motivation


  Happy Friday! It’s so weird that a week ago we were in route home from Kauai. I still want to write about all our adventures and the fun stuff we ate there, but one of my favorite family pictures was this one. I got this email yesterday. Okay, Boston Marathon, let’s do this again. [...]

A Whole Lot of Randomness and Some Deep Thoughts


  Yesterday morning’s run I was a little pressed for time so I thought I’d try to put in a couple faster miles on the treadmill. It’s a nice little extra motivation when you have less than hour to see what you can do. I did two warm-up miles and then ran 5 at a [...]

Not a Fan of the Slump


  I’m in a running slump. I didn’t run yesterday although I did teach my spin class. It was tough to get going this morning. It was more mental than physical, but after I got my little friend off the treadmill I went for it. She was lonely in there. I’m convinced the animals used [...]

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