Not a Fan of the Slump


  I’m in a running slump. I didn’t run yesterday although I did teach my spin class. It was tough to get going this morning. It was more mental than physical, but after I got my little friend off the treadmill I went for it. She was lonely in there. I’m convinced the animals used [...]

We’re Going Through a Bit of a Hard Time Over Here


  I had to take advantage of a little time outside last night after my classes. It wasn’t planned, but we’ve had some things go down over here in the past six days that have really not been that great.   I try to keep things as upbeat as possible on here, but sometimes it’s [...]

Just Do Hard Things and Recovery Cross Training


  Workout: I got on the treadmill for a few miles this morning. Did a little browsing while I was on there. A total of six easy miles at an 8:28 pace. I taught a boot camp class and then took advantage of a little quiet time on the trails afterwards. I decided I really [...]

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