Darn Handles and a Single Serving Paleo Healthy Banana Bake


  Why hello.   Some running first. The past week all of my runs have been on the treadmill. I wish I could have done a few outside, but I just haven’t had the opportunity. Oh well, work with what you have, right?   Yesterday was 6 miles. Then I taught a few classes throughout [...]

A Healthy Dessert, an Answer and the Miles that Count


  You like that? Ha ha. Me too. We had a family Valentine’s gig at Tutu’s last night. It was totally fun and low key. Love nights like that.   I got home and wanted a little healthy dessert thing that I could eat while sitting in bed like the cool people do, so I [...]

Bargain Builders and Healthy Protein Almond Milk Ice Cream


  Oh hey. This Monday morning started out marvelously. I took advantage of some extra snuggle time in bed with the boys. No early treadmill run for me after yesterday’s race. Judah was quick to point out that it was a beautiful day out. We had a little morning chat about the new charts and [...]

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