They Always Get Me, a Plaque, Rock ‘n’ Roll LA Discount and Something I’m Trying


  Before I get to any chit chat, here’s the winner of the Power O’s Giveaway. #28 Lacey Yay! Email me your mailing information Lacey and I’ll send it along to the awesome Love Grown Foods team.   I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. What the? Wait, and tomorrow is the last day of July [...]

What To Do Wednesday, IDEA Blogfest and Hump Day Mail


  Happy hump day afternoon. Not sure how things are on your end, but we’re struggling this afternoon getting over this darn hump. Time to push through a bit. Anyone else?   Let’s see….   Just in case you ever find yourself scrambling at the last minute for something for dinner. Well, you thank Trader [...]

Weekend Snapshots, a Couple Things and Lavender Socks


  Good morning! Happy Monday! Not sure about you, but this whole weekend flew by. It was one family fun activity to the next, which was awesome, but now I feel like I need a recovery from parties. Ha.   I finally got on the treadmill this morning after not running for three days. It [...]

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