Mizuno Wave Sayonaya 2 GIVEAWAY


  Good morning! My only running option the majority of the time is the treadmill early in the morning now that our stroller days are over. The boys and I can tackle some trails and hikes, but the furthest we’ve ever made it is 2 miles and that took a very long time. Ha. Today [...]

Some Distractions


  I’m putting this disclaimer out there that this post is in no particular order. I can’t think straight these days, so instead of worrying about it, I’m just going to through out a bunch of stuff. I’ll focus on the good stuff though. The stuff that has helped us through the past couple of [...]

They Always Get Me, a Plaque, Rock ‘n’ Roll LA Discount and Something I’m Trying


  Before I get to any chit chat, here’s the winner of the Power O’s Giveaway. #28 Lacey Yay! Email me your mailing information Lacey and I’ll send it along to the awesome Love Grown Foods team.   I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. What the? Wait, and tomorrow is the last day of July [...]

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