Dance Fail, Dessert, a Morning Smoothie and a Winner


  We were super excited to go try out the boys’ first dance class at the gym yesterday afternoon. I mean, we all know they have some great booty dance moves and all. It went down a little something like this. Yep. They wanted no part of it. Joaquin informed me he already knew all [...]

It’s About Time, Tiger Trail and a Protein Frosting Recipe


  Finally managed to get up early this morning to get my run in before the day started. It was about time. I’ve really lost count of how many times I’ve pressed the snooze button over the past two weeks. It’s so hard to back on the early morning running train. Man does it feel [...]

The Easiest Silk Iced Latte Ever


Well hello. Yesterday afternoon I got a quick 6 miles in on the treadmill. Nothing exciting, but the boys were out with Daddy so I took advantage of the short window of time to get a run in so today could be a rest day. Later we spent some afternoon time “helping” Daddy with the [...]

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