Embrace Everything


  Seriously friends. Everything. Without going into detail, let’s just say things happen in life and you get that reminder that life is short and we are not in control of certain things or how long we’re here. Life is too short to not take the best care of ourselves that you can. To not [...]

The Destination and a New Brew


  I got to go on a long run today. It was fabulous. I have to be honest, I really felt like I needed a good long run where I felt okay to shake off the ASICS LA Marathon thing. That was my first race where I struggled that much and had to walk, etc. [...]

Unplanned Rest Day Scenes and a Return of an Old Favorite


  Yep, well, I did sleep in my workout clothes last night and had my treadmill all ready to go, but as life would have it, I woke up extremely tired and sore from teaching this morning and instead of fighting through it like I usually do, I decided it was going to be my [...]

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