Thursday Tips and All You Need is a Minute For This Workout (Literally)


  Why hello! Lot’s to catch up on, but so little time so I’ll try to be really efficient with this. (“Try” is the key word there.) I’ve somehow managed to keep up the early morning workouts. HOnestly I don’t remember what I ran yesterday, but I wrote it down somewhere and today I had [...]

Finding the Time, Run-Fit Specialist and Some Throw Back STUFT Holiday Videos


  I have been saving a lot of time not taking pictures of food and not working out so much during the day. I had to give up quite a few of my classes with this new job and such. It’s actually been really nice just fitting in what I can on my own in [...]

I Have a Whole New Appreciation For Weekends


  Good morning. What do you know, after only a week of getting up at 4:30 am everyday for the new gig when 5:45 am rolls around on Sunday it feels like you’re sleeping in. That’s just glorious. Ha ha. I’m sure I’m just still on the first week high, but things are going so [...]

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