Incredible Ladies, a New Recovery Drink and the Coolest Movie Night Ever


  Oh hello. Happy weekend. We’ve been busy busy over here, but thought I’d just dump a few of our happenings on you because I’m nice like that. Ha ha. First off, a HUGE Happy Birthday to the BEST Mom ever. We love her. She is the most amazing woman. My attempts to follow in [...]

Top Thursday Things and STUFT 60 Challenge Updates


  Last night I read this in my Jesus Calling book. Honestly, it could not have been more fitting. I’ve got a whole slew of challenges staring me in the face and to be quite honest I’m anxious and well, terrified, but I know I need to just trust and embrace them. Yes? And, while [...]

The Monkey and a Bunch of Tuesday Evening Randomness


  Good evening. How’s it going? I had four choices just now- take a nap, start packing, do some more baking or write a blog post. Obviously I narrowed it down to baking or blogging right away and since I baked away yesterday, I chose to write. You’re welcome? I’ve got plenty of time to [...]

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