A Toasty Run, CocoaVia in NY, Return of Jicama Chips and Sharing is Caring


  Instead of getting up early and getting out the door by 6:00 am as planned, I took things super slow this morning. It just happened. So did some backyard chicken chasing by the boys and their cousins at the crack of dawn. I’m sure our neighbors really love us. Oh yes. The boys had [...]

High Five Friday- Things I’m Loving Right This Minute


  I’m in a particularly good mood this morning. Maybe because it’s Friday. Maybe because I have a strong coffee in hand. Or maybe because I may have convinced the hubby that we should take a family trip to Costco today. Who knows. But, I do know I have a few random things that I’m [...]

Our Kind of Date Night, Kitty Huggles and Sunday Songs


  Yep. We went all out for date night last night. Thank you Trader Joe’s. I even dressed up for the occasion. Random, but those glasses are about 5 years old. I haven’t been to the eye doctor since before the boys were born and can’t see worth beans far away. I really should do [...]

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