Race Updates and Tommie Copper Review and GIVEAWAY

  Well hello. Happy Thursday. Random, but ventured to Costco last night with just one of the boys. His brother wanted to “work” with Daddy. I just have to say, shopping with only one kiddo is so much easier. I also have to say that it is impossible to just go to Costco to return […]

Finally Some Greens, An April Challenge and a Couple Fun Moves

  Well hello April. Where did March go? I mean really, I have no idea. Eeek.   I’m finally feeling a bit better over here. Thank goodness. Even went for a few greens last night. Huge chicken salad with roasted butternut squash, roasted asparagus and roasted sunchokes. Yep. They were the highlight. Oh, which reminds […]

Oh The Places You Can Go- Put a Ring on It and an iFit Band

  Good morning. I’m grateful for this new unsweetened mocha right this very minute. Not only is today off to a fabulous start, but I’ve just decided this year I’m going to travel the world. yep, that’s right. I just went for a little run around Italy this morning in fact. He he.   Oh, […]

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