Someone Else Really Wants a Comeback- Flat Kitty Friday Adventures


  Why hello. Someone’s trying to steal my thunder with the whole comeback thing. I’m not sure how I feel about it. But, hey, he’s flatter than me, pretty darn quite and took a little bit of a beating today so I guess I’ll let him have the spotlight. It’s more entertaining than my jibber [...]

Jicama Nachos- It’s What’s For Dinner


  Wednesday Workout: Taught spin. Obviously used my new favorite “Time is Love” song for a climb. Taught Cycle and Turf class. Then this little Free Motion gem caught my eye. (instagram) Coolest treadmill ever? I think so. It was calling my Mizuno Wave Sayonaras over. I did 2.5 slow miles just to test out [...]

A Flatout Flatterday Bowl- Recipe and Video


  Oh hello. If I actually get this post published on Saturday it would be a real feat. Let’s see if I can pull this off. Edit- I did NOT pull it off and it is currently Sunday morning. So after my last post with way too many pictures of myself I promised to not [...]

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