Lotus Yoga Gear Giveaway


  Good morning! Four for four on the early wake ups this week. I’m pretty pumped about it. Hoping I can stick with it awhile. They say though that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. Hmm.. I wonder if that’s really true or not. I’ll go with it I guess. Only [...]

Race Updates and Tommie Copper Review and GIVEAWAY


  Well hello. Happy Thursday. Random, but ventured to Costco last night with just one of the boys. His brother wanted to “work” with Daddy. I just have to say, shopping with only one kiddo is so much easier. I also have to say that it is impossible to just go to Costco to return [...]

New LOVE Product Coming- Win It Before You Can Buy It GIVEAWAY


  Why hello! Did seven super slow easy treadmill miles this morning. Still a little in shock that Boston is three weeks away. I mean, that’s just crazy.   So……. I have a little special something for you. No, not a race recap from yesterday yet, but there’s something huge and important going down this [...]

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