A Few Costco Finds, a Scam and a Scare


  Hey! Happy Wednesday! Just stopping by really quick this morning. My little early morning “helpers” are off to school and I’m on a “race” of my own to see what I can get done around the house before I have to pick them up. I’m treating this week as a bit of a recovery [...]

A Long Run With a Coach and Someone Made Me Make a Spice Stop


  Good afternoon. Hey hey, it’s Friday! How exciting is that? So I was super nervous about a little something that happened this morning. I had a run appointment (date, meeting, whatever). With a coach. Scary, right? Maybe not for some people, but I got myself all worked up about it like it was a [...]

Deep Podcast Thoughts, Prodding and Penzys


  Oh hello! It’s Friday! Woot woot!   So let’s see, I’ll let you guess what I made for dinner last night when I got home from teaching classes at the gym. Ha ha. Yeah, jealous of the size of my zucchini? I made some meatza pizzas with this bison meat that I found at [...]

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