Brick or Treat Party Nights at LEGOLAND


  I just got back from a rather long run in the middle of the day. Not really my favorite to do the long run things midday, but oh well. I’ll save running talk for tomorrow though since I have other running stuff to chat about. All my runs have been sporadic this week and [...]

In Case You Missed Fireworks or Burpees


  Seems like one of our chickens is still having a bit of a problem. That egg is so teeny tiny. Might have to see what’s inside that one soon. Ha.   Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July yesterday. We had quite the fun-filled day. I taught a HIIT class at a special [...]

Focusing on Fun Things and Really, Who Am I Kidding?


  I got this fun picture in an email earlier today from Awant Excellence that was sent to the marathon participants from the other weekend. That’s me there getting a massage in the chair after my little dehydration issue at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon. That guy on the right is the one who [...]

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