How to Properly Start a New Year 2014


  Well, this post was originally titled “A Couple Hours Left of 2013” when I started writing it yesterday. Guess that didn’t quite happen. Either did staying up past 10 pm on New Year’s Eve. Ha ha.   I’m still pondering over personal goals and such for 2014 although I did have a little time [...]

Christmas Snapshots, Giveaway Winners and How to Plan a Party 72 Hours


  I hope you had the most magnificent holiday. It came and went, didn’t it? It’s always a little bittersweet. We had an amazing time with our wonderful family, talked about how lucky we are, celebrated Jesus’s birthday and then, well, now I get a little sad that it’s over. I wish that everything leading [...]

Santa- We Know Him, Shots and a Chia GIVEAWAY


  So um, yeah, I took the boys to go see Santa yesterday because the boys finally stayed in their beds all night. Whelp, lucky for us, it must have ben just a one time thing because last night they were both up countless times complete with tantrums. Lovely. They couldn’t figure out why I [...]

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