Superheroes, a Squat and a Sweet Hot Chicken Sausage Salad


  Random funny thing just happened. I dropped the boys off at Mom’s house and was going to mail a package for my bro. I saw the mailman driving by on my parent’s street, so naturally I stopped, waved him down and went running to him with my package in hand. I asked if he [...]

What To Do Wednesday, IDEA Blogfest and Hump Day Mail


  Happy hump day afternoon. Not sure how things are on your end, but we’re struggling this afternoon getting over this darn hump. Time to push through a bit. Anyone else?   Let’s see….   Just in case you ever find yourself scrambling at the last minute for something for dinner. Well, you thank Trader [...]

Tuesday Night Twos


  Update on my foot. It is not a stress fracture. It also feels a lot better than it did a week ago. The doctor thinks it’s a strain. I’m taking things easy for a little bit longer until it feels better and staying away from the activities that aggravate it. There will be a [...]

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