Why I Bake Protein Pancakes and Cool Gear Pictures From My Actual Camera


  I’ve been baking my Vega protein pancakes lately. These ones I made the other day with added Love Grown Foods Super Oats and then topped with NuttZo were particularly fabulous. These pancakes were a mix of eggs, Vega One vanilla chai protein powder, Super Oats, cinnamon and a little baking powder. I bake anything and [...]

Beating Treadmill Boredom, Vegetable Fried Rice Secret and Let Yourself Believe It


  I’m still getting it done in the morning. I’m still not running yet and haven’t run since the race last weekend, My hip feels a little bit better, but there’s no way in heck I’m taking any chances. As soon as I get a little more info on the whole situation I can talk [...]

Friday Favorites- Spin Songs, Incline Training and More


  Well, hmm……. riding a school bus for a really long time is not necessarily my favorite, but having a ginormous travel coffee mug for the trip sure is. No surprise that a Vega Sport protein bar saved the afternoon yet once again. I just got a magnificent shipment of some Vega goodies complete with [...]

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