You Would Think I’ve Learned


  Just a couple things. You would think I’ve learned that eating copious amounts dark chocolate the night after a marathon in bed in the hotel right before trying to go to sleep sometimes does a little more harm than good. You would think I’ve learned that although getting to hug these guys a bazillion [...]

Core Moves Anywhere and Lessons From a Romantic Comedy and a Brave Judah


  I slept in this morning and my workout was cut way too short so some of my cardio had to be done tonight on the elliptical. Yesterday I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and a BOSU and resistance training workout at home. The normal moves were involved (BOSU burpees, slow jacks, jumping lunges, [...]

What We’re Spelling This Weekend


  Good morning! happy Sunday friends! This is going to be quick because we’re using this week to really take advantage of days of from work. With the time change and all the boys and I slept in a bit and it was fabulous.   I’m three for three today with races that I signed [...]

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