Playing Hooky


  Not sure about you, but I only played hooky from school once. I asked Mom’s permission first too of course for “senior ditch day”. That’s just how I was. Wait, I’m still like that actually.   Yesterday the boys were in need of a little extra attention and Mama love so we focused on [...]

And That Time When…..


  I got dressed up and felt all special wearing my Erica Sara Designs bangle on a Saturday. I thought I’d be able to pull off going to a family wedding and then make it to The Neon Dash I had registered for months ago just in time to run the 5K. Yeah, I didn’t [...]

Family Walking, More Visitors and Our New Game


  Last night we took a family walk it. We really need to do this more often. We even spotted a doe and her babies. Pretty cool, right? It made for a late dinner and a late night complete with grumpy boys, but it was worth it.   Random, but lately this guy has been [...]

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