A Song, Something You Must Try and a Little Inspiration


  Hello friends! Random STUFT happenings as of late coming at you this fine evening (or day actually since you’ll probably be reading this tomorrow). My favorite job has been in full effect over here. Less time working, more time with my main men. Win win. Yesterday I got a little help from them when [...]

Surviving the Long Run and Motivation


  Good morning. Hello Monday. Not sure how you like to wrap up the weekend, but we decided now that summer is pretty much almost here we’re going to end the weekends with family barbecues outside. Last night was our first one. Pretty awesome. The man barbecued some bison burgers we got at Costco. I’ve [...]

A Treadmill Workout and a Few Thursday Tips


  Hello friends. I’m so thankful to be writing this from the comfort of my own home today. It was a bit of a scary situation last night around the San Diego area with 9 fires burning pretty much all around us. It was nice to wake up to clear skies this morning. It was [...]

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