Superheroes, a Squat and a Sweet Hot Chicken Sausage Salad


  Random funny thing just happened. I dropped the boys off at Mom’s house and was going to mail a package for my bro. I saw the mailman driving by on my parent’s street, so naturally I stopped, waved him down and went running to him with my package in hand. I asked if he [...]

In Case You Missed Fireworks or Burpees


  Seems like one of our chickens is still having a bit of a problem. That egg is so teeny tiny. Might have to see what’s inside that one soon. Ha.   Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July yesterday. We had quite the fun-filled day. I taught a HIIT class at a special [...]

Tuesday Night Twos


  Update on my foot. It is not a stress fracture. It also feels a lot better than it did a week ago. The doctor thinks it’s a strain. I’m taking things easy for a little bit longer until it feels better and staying away from the activities that aggravate it. There will be a [...]

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