Working Triceps, Elephant Garlic, Cheesy Rolls, and Grateful Hearts


  I’m not running today. I did go to the grocery store at 6:00 am though on a Saturday because I couldn’t sleep. Yes, a grocery store trip before 7:00 am on a Saturday MUST include a stop at the Starbucks inside the store. That’s a given. I taught boot camp this morning too. My [...]

Back at It and High Maintenance Eats Around San Fran


  Last night I was back at the gym teaching classes. I made my way through. I’m not entirely sure what I said or did. Ha ha. I do know I made it home just in time to read and snuggle enough with these two. I was back at it again today with a class. [...]

A Move, a Figwich, Quest Chips, Just in Time and a Power O’s GIVEAWAY


  I refuse to bother you about the sleep situation, but let’s just say last night was not good and our little man called for reinforcements and sent in his twin brother to tell Mommy some messages. Not once, but twice. There is going to be a serious sleep boot camp after this weekend.   [...]

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