“Squashos”, My New Snack Obsession and Deals For You


  Good morning! Happy Friday!   Taught a couple classes at the gym last night. One was a full body strength training class. I’m feeling it today. I have to say, I really like the feeling of being a little sore from the previous day. It makes you feel like you did something, yes? I [...]

Cutest Valentine Socks Ever, Sunchokes and Detox For February


  Totally random, but just stopping by really quick for a few things.   Ran an easy 6 miles on the treadmill early this morning. I’m into Parenthood lately as my treadmill entertainment. And decided to go with the whole mellow yellow theme thing since I’m trying to be more mellow this month. Ha ha. [...]

It’s About Time For Some Holiday Giveaway Action- Let’s Start With Pro


  Well hello. We were all doing the green thing this morning. I wore my oldest ugliest pair of green shorts for an early morning treadmill run. Joaquin insisted on wearing this shirt this morning and that I make him bacon and eggs for breakfast. Funny guy. I did what he asked though. I did [...]

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