The San Francisco Marathon Recap 2014


  Weird that this race was just yesterday. At least once during every race I try to put things into perspective with time. I tell myself that in a couple of hours I’ll be across the finish line or eating something delicious or hugging my boys or relaxing with Andrew or whatever the rest of [...]

A Move, a Figwich, Quest Chips, Just in Time and a Power O’s GIVEAWAY


  I refuse to bother you about the sleep situation, but let’s just say last night was not good and our little man called for reinforcements and sent in his twin brother to tell Mommy some messages. Not once, but twice. There is going to be a serious sleep boot camp after this weekend.   [...]

Weekend Snapshots, a Couple Things and Lavender Socks


  Good morning! Happy Monday! Not sure about you, but this whole weekend flew by. It was one family fun activity to the next, which was awesome, but now I feel like I need a recovery from parties. Ha.   I finally got on the treadmill this morning after not running for three days. It [...]

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