Tomorrow is Going to Be Magnificent


  Yes, I already know it will be. I also know I’m going to make this post as quick as possible. Check out the loot I had packed up in my cool Six Pack backpack for the trip. Yes, by the way, I always travel with my vitamins, etc. It was a very long travel [...]

AFC Half Marathon Recap 2014


  I have mixed feelings about today’s race. Physically I feel great right now besides having a bit of a headache and being slightly dehydrated. Mentally I’m not quite sure though. Ha. I was nervous going into this race because I knew it was going to be a hot one. I’ve had some issues lately [...]

From the Stairway to the Roast


  Why hello. I faced one of those two fears today head on. And I do mean HEAD ON. That was mile 3. This was around mile 7 or so I think. It’s all kind of a blur. Friends, the Stairway to Heaven is no joke. I’ll get a full recap up soon as now [...]

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