2014 Boston Marathon Recap


  Yep. I had to put the year there on for two reasons: because of the significance of the race this year and because hopefully this was the first of many times running the Boston Marathon. I’m still having a bit of a difficult time getting all my thoughts together, but I’ll do my best [...]

I’m a Boston Marathoner!!!!!


  Yes. It needed that many exclamation marks.   Today was epic. Amazing. Emotional. Tough. A true blessing. I’m pinching myself that I’m here and got to experience such a monumental race. And yep, totally fighting a few tears at the moment so I better make this snappy.   So many thoughts to share, but [...]

Hello From Boston


  Whelp, I’m here!   Just a quick hello before bed. So many emotions already and I’ve only been here for about 4 hours. Um, a little chillier than expected here. Speaking of, wearing flip flops was not the best travel idea, but bringing egg whites and buy a $20 travel pillow was pretty smart [...]

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