Plan B, the Coin and Focusing


  I got to get on the treadmill Wednesday morning for a short, slow run. It wasn’t pretty or that comfortable actually, but it wasn’t too bad either. It may have been just another fluke, but I’m hopeful. I played it safe today and stuck to incline walking and some core exercises and then taught [...]

Heart Healthy Cardio, Eggplant Chips and Lent Plans


  Is it Thursday already? Beavis.   Workouts this week have been limited. I’m intentionally trying to cut back and just rest during this staycation week. We’ve been getting lots of other cardio in though. Yesterday it was all about the cleaning cardio yesterday and it really should be today also. I got a little [...]

Hmmm…. Which is Worse


  Actually, wait, we’re focusing on all the positives over here, so maybe this should be “which is better”? Ha. I’m off running for one more week and then if things are good I can start to “test the water”. We’ll see. I’m going to try to not think about it. A week is short. [...]

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