Random Thought and Just Treat Yourself More Often


  I have only a couple random thoughts today because it’s just been super busy and I let’s be honest, I’m already counting down the days until summer break. This morning’s run was not that exciting, but at least I finally got some miles under 8 minutes (not counting the frequent jumps off onto the [...]

Catching Up From the Camera Roll, Facing Fears and This Week’s Focus


  Hey! Let’s play a little catch up, shall we? It’s going to be in chronological order just because that’s how the pictures are on the camera roll. I teach spin Thursday nights at a super fancy gym, Fit Athletic, and I do my best to fit in. I’m not sure if wearing slippers to [...]

Tuesday Night Things and Use Your Power


  Well hello! Happy Tuesday night evening (or whenever you might be reading this). I’ve ran the past two mornings. I don’t really have a plan and am just going to run if I feel good. If I don’t feel like running I’ll do some sort of workout in the morning. I just love having [...]

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