A Humbling Time, Surrendering and the Best Use for Space Blankets


chinese chainsaws any good   And hello. I’ve got a bazillion deep thoughts going on at the moment and a very painful throbbing hip that I’m not really ready to discuss, but I ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon this morning. I kind of knew going in that I still just wasn’t in the racing mindset. Last year did me [...]

My Kind of Black Friday, Some Deals to Pass Along and We’re Streaking


homelite 14 inch chainsaw review   Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! Ha ha ha. Two more just because I can’t help myself. We had a wonderful night last night at Mom and Dad’s and I lucked out and was in charge of salad. Obviously I brought the same exact one I did last year, except I used [...]

Look Who I Bumped Into, Celebrating and the Zelle #RUNootd


where did the chainsaw massacre really happen at   I forgot to tell you after the race I ran into Coach Kastor and Deena Kastor. I may or may not have yelled at them from across the street and had to explain how they know me and that I did the blogger challenge with them for the ASICS LA Marathon this year. They [...]

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