Our Second LEGOLAND Kids Marathon Mile and Three Expo Highlights


  Happy Saturday! Oh my goodness were we all ready for a weekend.   I got a little assistance getting ready in the early morning yesterday and then ran six treadmill miles followed by 37 medicine ball burpees. I made a video, but I need to try it again since I just wasn’t at my [...]

I’m Convinced and Just a Few Tips to Make Early Morning Workouts Happen


  I was back to the 4:30 am wake up today. Before I got to the workout room though I got to take all the wet bed sheets of a certain someone’s bed who had an unfortunate accident in the middle of the night. It was the perfect way to welcome a Monday. Ha. Half [...]

Running Thoughts, Being Wishy Washy and Purple Goodness for Days


  Happy Saturday friends. Still no 2014 recap. I think I avoid recaps because I seem to always be a mess by the end of the year or maybe I just don’t want to revisit my mess ups. I still can’t figure it out, but I’m okay with it. Maybe once I actually do get [...]

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