Calling it Good at 11


  Last night was a blast. We really had no idea what we were getting into with Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon. The whole 4:30 pm start time thing is interesting. It’s so darn nice doing the whole new race thing though with a friend and Erin just rocks my socks off. A full [...]

Oh the Wind… TCS New York City Marathon in the Books


  Hi!!!!!!!! Obviously a full recap will be on the way because there is just way too much to tell you about the TCS New York Marathon. But, we made it (yeah, you and me because you take this journey with me you know). I had a few doubts when we started getting high wind [...]

Picture Make Ups and I Just Can’t Think Straight


  Happy Thursday friends! Happy Halloween Eve.   Yesterday’s workout was teaching an early morning spin class. There were indeed people in the room for class, but I waited until they left to take a silly selfie. I didn’t get a chance to run until late afternoon. I’m not a fan of waiting to run, [...]

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