Catching Up From the Camera Roll, Facing Fears and This Week’s Focus


  Hey! Let’s play a little catch up, shall we? It’s going to be in chronological order just because that’s how the pictures are on the camera roll. I teach spin Thursday nights at a super fancy gym, Fit Athletic, and I do my best to fit in. I’m not sure if wearing slippers to [...]

B2B Challenge Complete For the Second Year in a Row


  Hello! We’re home safe and sound. A little under the weather, but the past 10 days have been a whirlwind so it’s not a huge surprise. As much as I really, really, really want to write all about the Big Sur Marathon and recap every single thing, I just don’t have it in me [...]

Here We Go For More Coffee and B2B Round Two


  Why hello. Yesterday was one heck of a coffee filled day. Random, but I’m addicted to the spicy hummus dip from Trader Joe’s. I go through at least a container a week. It’s a lunch staple. After a super quick flight and farewell to San Diego I’m safely in Carmel. Obviously the first item [...]

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