When It Becomes The Weekend, More Mousse and a New Nut Butter Find


  You know, one day can easily turn into the whole weekend with the playing hooky thing. One day wasn’t enough. It never is. So, we’re kind of still playing hooky around here.   Workouts: Friday- home elliptical for 70 minutes. I got quite a bit of multi-tasking done. It was nice for a little [...]

Dance Fail, Dessert, a Morning Smoothie and a Winner


  We were super excited to go try out the boys’ first dance class at the gym yesterday afternoon. I mean, we all know they have some great booty dance moves and all. It went down a little something like this. Yep. They wanted no part of it. Joaquin informed me he already knew all [...]

A New Vega Recovery Drink, Getting Creative and Sleeping in Seattle


  Happy Friday! I bet you’re already pretty much starting your weekend, yes?   First off I have a move from class last night. I totally forgot how awesome plank push ups are. Yep. Love them. Here you go.   You can modify them on your knees. Someone told me to try them on a [...]

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