A New Vega Recovery Drink, Getting Creative and Sleeping in Seattle

  Happy Friday! I bet you’re already pretty much starting your weekend, yes?   First off I have a move from class last night. I totally forgot how awesome plank push ups are. Yep. Love them. Here you go.   You can modify them on your knees. Someone told me to try them on a […]

Incredible Ladies, a New Recovery Drink and the Coolest Movie Night Ever

  Oh hello. Happy weekend. We’ve been busy busy over here, but thought I’d just dump a few of our happenings on you because I’m nice like that. Ha ha. First off, a HUGE Happy Birthday to the BEST Mom ever. We love her. She is the most amazing woman. My attempts to follow in […]

The Ninja Thing Has a Name, an Anniversary Dump and a Chocolate Salad Milkshake

  Thursday Workout: A quick little 4.24 mile run in the morning. Yeah the one that I snuck out for and conveniently ended up at Starbucks. Sported my pink Inspires for the little run. I was totally thinking how lucky I was to be able to run and check out the scenery. It’s a gift […]

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