Life is Good


  Yesterday’s workout was an hour on the elliptical. Steady pace and tried to take it a bit easy since I had prolotherapy treatment the day before. I got my usual send off on my way to work. “Bye Mr. Stink Brain.” Well that’s nice. Not even a Mrs.   Last night was brilliant. We [...]

How We Spent Our New Years and I Really Need to Recap 2014


  Well hello 2015. Today’s workout was an early treadmill run. I never got to my second run of the day yesterday, so I thought I should probably try to bring it this morning. I wasn’t really feeling it though this morning either and tried to talk myself into just an easy instead of what [...]

Five Years and Why I’m Starting New Year’s Early


  I can’t believe these guys are five years old. I mean, really, has it been five years since this day? Gosh life is crazy. Yesterday was the big day. Judah an I woke up to this happening. Yep, that’s his elbow being bitten off. Ha. We also woke up to one heck of a [...]

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