It’s Someone’s Birthday!


  Oh yes, today is a special day. It’s a very important person’s birthday. Our main man. Yep, this guy. We love him. We’ve got big plans to show him a good time. And they don’t include any kind of running or racing. I know, I think he’s pretty bummed about that. Ha ha.   [...]

Post Run Weekend Festivities


  Good morning. Happy February! Hope your weekend is going well. Thank you so much for the all the kind words and wishes the past few days. My heart is so darn full of joy, I can’t even tell you and it’s all because of you. We’ve been laying low over here and it’s been [...]

Arrrr! They’re 4 and I’m So Cool I Didn’t Take Pictures of Them


  Well hello. Today was Joaquin and Judah’s birthday. Oh my sweet, sweet boys. Today they turned four. I can’t believe it. How does the time go by so fast? I feel like I wrote this post on their 2nd birthday just yesterday. Man oh man.   After teaching boot camp and scrambling to a [...]

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