Brick or Treat Party Nights at LEGOLAND


  I just got back from a rather long run in the middle of the day. Not really my favorite to do the long run things midday, but oh well. I’ll save running talk for tomorrow though since I have other running stuff to chat about. All my runs have been sporadic this week and [...]

10 Years


  Yes, it’s been 10 years since this day. Pretty darn crazy. Also crazy that this guy has put up with me this long. I’m a handful friends, but I think that’s pretty obvious. We’ve known each other since we were 14. I still remember the first time we talked sitting in front of him [...]

My Fuel Belt, a Warning and Family Cheers For Father’s Day


  I went for a run earlier today. It was slow and hilly. It wasn’t one of those great feeling runs, but I got a lot of thinking time in (otherwise knows as my free therapy). I also took a little detour to visit some very special people who are no longer with us, so [...]

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