J and J Guest Post- Our Special Venture Flex Shoes

  Happy Saturday. Mama wanted to write about her running today, but we figured you’d rather hear from us instead. She’s kind of boring and she eats way too much squash. Ha ha. We’ll give you a day off. She says she’s going to be back tomorrow though with all kinds of running talk. Blah […]

A Few Costco Finds, a Scam and a Scare

  Hey! Happy Wednesday! Just stopping by really quick this morning. My little early morning “helpers” are off to school and I’m on a “race” of my own to see what I can get done around the house before I have to pick them up. I’m treating this week as a bit of a recovery […]

Just One of Those Weeks, Planks and a Quest Creation

  Hey! So, yeah, now that it’s Wednesday and I’m still in a bit of a funk, I think it might just be one of those weeks. Everyone has them, right? You just really don’t feel like doing anything. Work, laundry, working out, cooking, etc. Maybe that means I need a vacation. Wouldn’t that be […]

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