A Few More Highlights From the ASICS LA Marathon Weekend


  Good morning! Whelp, yesterday’s race did not go as planned. There were maybe about 6 miles that did, but the rest of the race was a rough one for me. That’s okay though. It’s all part of the journey and Michele and I fought hard (without any tears even though we sure felt like [...]

Running With the Cool Kids, Racing Advice and Heck Yes I Went to Whole Foods


  So yeah, we got to hang out with some pretty amazing people this morning. We met this morning for a 5K shakeout run with Coach Kastor. The weather was awful, but we decided to brave it anyway. Ha. It was everyone in the Asics LA Marathon blogger challenge group, some of the fun ASICS [...]

Dressing Up for the VIP ASICS LA Marathon Party


  Happy Saturday from LA! Just stopping by to say hello. I got out the door about 3 hours later than planned yesterday, but I DID manage to roast quite a few things in the oven. All my favorites: baked purple sweet potato, sweetener free roasted kabocha, cassava “fries” and a no grain plantain cupcake [...]

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