No Toast Just Yet, It’s Hot and We Have Some Cool Style


  Yeah, the French Toast went down again today, but it’s too hot at the moment to even think about it. I’m sweating here just sitting in the office so I’ve got to make this quick. Not to mention I have a few classes to teach tonight at the gym so I better get a [...]

A Darn Good Decision or Two


I’ve been reading about the importance of sleep. I know, what’s new right? Well, not only have I been tracking my sleep lately, but I feel like I need a little bit more this week with running more miles and with all the emotional stuff we’ve got going on. I really think emotional stress takes [...]

Healthy Protein Root Beer Float

So yeah, still focusing on recovering and resting. I’m taking all tasks one at a time. The first one is to get caught up with sleep. Luckily Runner’s World calls it the new “cross-training”. I’m all over that. Ha. And well, everyone is loving recovery week over here so far. These guys get to call [...]

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