Ghost Grinder, Artichokes and Those Moments


  So, the boys keep asking if you all have read their recap of the race with Papap. They’re pretty proud of their racing and writing skills. Ha. I hopped on the treadmill early this morning. For some reason everyone wanted to be up early today. Gotta love those mornings, right? The run felt really [...]

Cutest Valentine Socks Ever, Sunchokes and Detox For February


  Totally random, but just stopping by really quick for a few things.   Ran an easy 6 miles on the treadmill early this morning. I’m into Parenthood lately as my treadmill entertainment. And decided to go with the whole mellow yellow theme thing since I’m trying to be more mellow this month. Ha ha. [...]

Winners, a Special Delivery, Friday Night Scenes and the Perfect Baked Purple Potato


  Happy Saturday! I forgot to announce the winners of a couple giveaways from the week, so here it goes. Chosen by The winner of the Cooking Up a Business Giveaway is #82 Jordan D. The winner of the Xfinity Fitness Band Giveaway is #158 Elizabeth. Yay! Email me your mailing information and I’ll [...]

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