Tuesday Night Twos


  Update on my foot. It is not a stress fracture. It also feels a lot better than it did a week ago. The doctor thinks it’s a strain. I’m taking things easy for a little bit longer until it feels better and staying away from the activities that aggravate it. There will be a [...]

Try It Thursday- Two Moves and Healthy Protein Chocolate Sauce


  This is going to be snappy. I haven’t started packing and I leave on less than 12 hours. Yep. Nothing new over here. Working under pressure as usual.   I didn’t go for an early morning run. I still woke up early, but no running today except for a few planned pool running laps [...]

Pets on the Mill, Some Pro Tights and Double BOSU Moves


  I don’t know what’s up with our animals and the treadmill lately. I walked in on this today. What the heck? I mean, if the pets are going to get comfortable on there they might as well clean it or something. Ha ha. Oh Kitty. He let me have my turn and I did [...]

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