A Backyard Visitor and a Medicine Ball Workout


  Slept in a little this morning. Not the plan and I guess I need to start my 21 days over to form my 5:00 am wake up habit again, but oh well. A little extra time in bed and a few quite moments to get my head in the game and this with my [...]

I Thought About It and the RMT Club


  I thought about trying to look nice and not sporting pajamas like usual for date night Friday night. Didn’t happen. Not sure why I decided to pose with the Quarter Horse. How cool is that though? He makes noise when you put money in. This Julian hard cider was really good by the way. [...]

The Best Valentine’s Face, Hyperice Winner and If You’re Going to Have a Bar


  Taught a couple classes at the gym last night. One was a HIIT class. We started class with this circuit:   Twisted burpees (I got them from Kim’s blog post yesterday and they’re awesome) Burpees with a quick hop forward and back in between each one Switch lunge hops Touch down jacks Fast feet/down [...]

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